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New York State Public School Seeking To Eliminate All Native American Mascots

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New York State is proving once again to be the leftiest of left states this side of Commifornia. Sadly, it is mostly the people in Albany and New York City that is ruining it for everyone else, and now the state government is seeking to further wipe out Native Americans.

No, not in the supposed genocide that our forefathers allegedly committed, but by eliminating all mention of Native Americans in the state in regards to high school mascots. They are solving a problem that no one thought was a problem. Check this out.

New York public schools will not be allowed to use Native American mascots in the future. The Albany Board of Regents has officially voted to phase out the Native American’ related nicknames.

Nicknames and mascots such as Chiefs, Braves, Redmen, and even Warriors are set to be removed.

It isn’t as if these are supposed offensive names like ‘Redskins”. It’s also not as if any schools were using names like “filthy savages”. It is literally a solution the state created for a problem that didn’t exist.

While they think they are doing something noble, the truth is they are further eliminating any reference to Native Americans like they never existed.

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Almost 60 school districts across the state must get rid of all Native American-related mascots by the end of the 2024-25 school year. If a school fails to do so, it risks losing state aid, according to the New York Post.

The Albany Board of Regents vote is set to “phase out Native American-related nicknames as part of a politically correct national effort to scrub racially insensitive imagery from sports teams,”

Scrub is the key word here. the left wants to scrub away anything they find offensive. Why should they be permitted to make decisions for the rest of us? Aside from the fact that they are voted in, of course, and voting has consequences.

Whether it be sports mascots, confederate statues, or slave owning founding fathers, the left would rather focus on scrubbing history than making a better future.

Regent Kathleen Cashin said erasing the Native American nicknames and mascots from schools is a decision that will “elevate all people.”

“Our desire is to elevate people, not diminish them. We want to elevate all people,” she told the Post.

How are you elevating Native Americans when you are taking away years of history? Perhaps the far-left should focus on improving schools, making them safer, and hiring better teachers. Not all parents are happy with the radical elimination of Native American mascots.

Some parents aren’t on board with the idea of changing the nicknames and mascots of schools. One parent sees the move as erasing history.

“We shouldn’t be erasing history, we should be learning from it,” one parent told the New York Times. “I know I am in the vast majority when I say we want to keep our Warrior name and should be allowed to do so. I will forever be a Mohonasen Warrior.”

According to a report by the National Congress of American Indians, at least 133 schools in 55 districts in New York state had Native American-themed mascots as of March 2022.

As always, when you put democrats in charge, they do what they want regardless of how the majority feels. However, as I said, voting has consequences and they voted these people in, so I guess New York State has to live with the consequences.