CRIME HOTBED: New York Drops 6500 Felony Charges Signaling To Criminals “No Consequences”

A stunning report came out of Fox News on Sept 1st, 2021. The Headline screamed: “6,500 accused NYC felons go scot-free as DA decline to prosecute”. That was the headline and they weren’t exaggerating. To know that sixty-five hundred people who were accused of committing serious crimes weren’t even seen in court is so mind blowing, so concerning, and so despicable that it’s nearly incomprehensible.

To make sense of this, we must ask ourselves what makes a crime a felony. What does it mean? offers the following definition:

A felony is usually defined as any criminal charge that results in a sentence of greater than one year. All other crimes are classified as either misdemeanors (less than one year sentence) or citations/infractions (resulting in only a warning or a fine). Thus, felonies are considered to be very serious criminal offenses and people committing them deserve more than a slap on the wrist.

One last thing to know about felony offenses is that they tend to refer to crimes that are deemed harmful or dangerous to society, such as human trafficking, distributing drugs, or violently assaulting innocent people.

So why on Earth did DAs drop felony charges on 16.9% of their cases in 2020? Well, that would be COVID-19 of course. In a state that is allowing New York City to demand vaccine passports and has allowed inhumane, un-American, and unconstitutional restrictions and mandates on their law-abiding citizens, they dropped charges to protect alleged criminals from a virus with a 0.3% mortality rate.

Fox News reports:

Prosecutors dropped all charges in 16.9% of the 38,635 felony cases that were closed in New York City during 2020, according to data compiled by the state Division of Criminal Justice Services.

The year before, that rate was just 8.7 percent and the average for 2016 to 2019 was an even lower 8 percent, the statistics show.

The total number of cases closed in 2020 plunged by a massive 44.1 percent last year amid court closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic — down from 69,119 the year before.

A law enforcement source said there were “a lot of layers to the problem,” including veteran prosecutors retiring or leaving for other jobs and “inexperienced [prosecutors] and cops making it harder to do trials,” as well as the political nature of DAs’ jobs.

Not to be disrespectful to our legal system, but let’s be honest here. Are we really supposed to believe that during a pandemic cops, lawyers, and judges forgot how to do their jobs? Are we supposed to believe that there was an influx of new officers and new attorneys during the year 2020 and it had nothing to do with the fear mongering brought about by a pandemic?

Don’t forget how many states and cities started releasing criminals of all kinds to prevent outbreaks of COVID-19. Jogging our memory here we have to remember this doozy of a story put out in April of 2020 by Fox News:

As of Thursday, there have been more than 16,000 inmates released from prisons all over the United States due to the novel coronavirus.

A total of approximately 16,622 inmates have been released — or are scheduled to be released shortly — due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The majority were being held on non-violent charges or were deemed to pose no immediate threat to society if released.

With very few exceptions, jail inmates have yet to be convicted. They are usually awaiting trial. Prison inmates, on the other hand, have already been convicted and sentenced.

In New York City, the results of releasing a few hundred prisoners led to the “shocking” news that they’d gone out and committed one to two more crimes each!

Newsweek reports:

About 2,500 prisoners were released early from the jail at Rikers Island due to concerns over the spread of the coronavirus among prisoners. Michael LiPetri, chief of crime control strategies for the NYPD, told NBC 4 News that at least 250 of those that were released have been arrested 450 times thus far, meaning some have been re-arrested more than once.

Jonathan Martinez, one of the prisoners released from Rikers, has already been arrested three times since his March 16 release, NBC 4 News reported. At the time, Martinez was being held on six charges, ranging from petty larceny to forced touching. He had previously been convicted on strangulation in 2014 for an incident involving his girlfriend.

We already know that several hundred of these dropped charges were the rioters and looters from various events in New York City. It was big news when the country was told that people who had stolen, set fires, destroyed buildings, and seriously injured people were not going to be charged with any crime whatsoever.



So what we’re being told is that the powers that be in New York City not only released hundreds of violent criminals because of COVID-19, but now we’re learning 6500 felony charges were dropped without even being prosecuted? What kind of alternate reality are we living in where we care more about ANTIFA, BLM, rioters, looters, and felons (remember, those are usually the more dangerous criminals) than we do about our senior citizens?

New York City forced seniors infected with the virus to remain in nursing homes where that virus killed many. Those seniors weren’t given a real choice. No one cared about them. No one thought what happened to them was cruel. But then again this is New York City we’re talking about, here. The same city that idolizes criminals and prefers to defund the police. Why should we be surprised that they were more concerned for the welfare of thugs than they were for their own elderly?

The true tragedy is that’s not really that surprising at all. Is it?

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