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New York City Has 327 People Responsible for One Third of Shoplifting, Keep Releasing Them To Steal More

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Major American cities are unsafe, unsanitary, and decaying at a rapid rate. Chicago is a prime example. Chaos in the streets, a lack of police, and district attorneys that are hell-bent on releasing all of the criminals back onto the street to wreck more havoc.

It’s not as if the police don’t know who are committing the crimes and what part of town they are being committed in. It’s understaffing, and fear of repercussion that is keeping the police at bay.

In New York City, they absolutely know who the individuals are that are committing shoplifting crimes, yet the Soros-funded district attorneys continue to turn these thieves loose to steal some more.

It is ridiculous, but liberal cities and leaders need chaos to undermine authority, and the best way to do that is to let thugs and crooks back on the streets to do what they do. Check this out

According to NYC Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell, nearly one third of the city’s shoplifting arrests last year involved just 327 people. Collectively, those same 327 people were arrested, released and rearrested more than 6,000 times.

That’s more than 18 arrests per person. In a single year.

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Why is this acceptable? Why are criminals continually caught, released, and caught again? Obviously it is because the left wants the citizens to be afraid. Communists love to sow the seeds of fear, chaos and discord. The Communists in New York City are succeeding spectacularly.

It isn’t desperation, or need, or economic circumstances driving the crime. The left would have you believe criminals are just trying to feed their families. Not so much.

Bleeding hearts like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will tell you those thieves are simply desperate, impoverished citizens stealing necessities, like food and medical supplies.

In February 2022, AOC demonized police for targeting shoplifters in the Bronx.

“It’s much easier to frame people who steal baby formula and medicine as monsters to be jailed than acknowledge our politics and economic priorities create conditions where people steal baby formula to survive,” she tweeted.

Making excuses doesn’t make people safe. Making excuses doesn’t keep businesses from leaving town because they can’t absorb the losses. Making excuses is one of the linchpins of the left.

Law enforcement in NYC have warned about the proliferation of organized shoplifting rings. People make a living grabbing armfuls of popular goods — like baby formula — to sell on the street and to turn a black-market profit.

And it’s not just those necessary-to-survive items, either.

Last year, 41 people were indicted in New York City in connection with a theft ring. They stole beauty products and luxury goods in order to sell them online.

They stole designer items like Jimmy Choo shoes, Gucci handbags and Oscar de la Renta clothing. Thieves also nabbed eye creams, hair serums and products by companies like Revlon, Burt’s Bees and Vichy.

That certainly doesn’t sound like desperation to me. There aren’t any thread-bare waifs on the streets begging for pennies or stealing loaves of bread to feed their families. These are predators taking advantage of a broken system in a city where lawlessness is the rule. What is the solution? More GOP leadership springs to mind, but since we are talking about New York, the best we can hope for is enough people to get fed up. Until then, expect more of the same.