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New Mattel Pride Barbie Made Where? Ken Doesn’t Approve.

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So full disclosure, the desire to make jokes here is almost overwhelming. Such low-hanging fruit, pun intended.

Now I realize Mattel doesn’t intend a $50.00 Plus Barbie to be played with by kids and thrown in a storage tote. This doll isn’t for kids. Also, if you buy this for your kids, you clearly have more money than sense, so email me, and I will give you my mailing address to help with that money-to-sense ratio.

No, this doll is a collector’s item. Let me give you some context. Per Breitbart:

Mattel recently launched a new transgender Barbie doll to honor trans celebrity Laverne Cox on the occasion of Pride month. But reading the fine print on the box reveals the doll is manufactured in Indonesia, where gay and transgender people still experience widespread discrimination, and same-sex marriage is illegal.

Really Mattel? Did you think no one would notice? I mean, come on! Conservatives like me live for this sort of hypocrisy! Is there no way this commemorative “Barbie” couldn’t have been made in America? Or at least a country that doesn’t openly hate gay people??

The “Laverne Cox Barbie Tribute Collection” doll, which is intended for ages six and up, features a posable likeness of the Orange Is the New Black star wearing a red ball gown with a translucent skirt that reveals Cox’s legs. The collector’s item retails for $40.

What I am particularly concerned with is the hypocrisy. Mattel wants to celebrate living alternative lifestyles, yet makes the toy in a country that openly HATES alternative lifestyles. Not a good look, Mattel.

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“Laverne Cox uses her voice to amplify the message of moving beyond societal expectations to live more authentically,” Mattel said in praising the Hollywood celebrity.

Laverne Cox is the actor/actress that the doll is modeled after. A very talented person. Worthy of a Barbie? Eh, I’m not a Barbie guy, but I’d say no. Not my call, though.


Homosexuality in the rest of the country is still taboo. This week, Indonesia summoned Britain’s ambassador to explain the raising of a rainbow flag at its embassy.

“The foreign ministry reminds foreign representatives to be respectful of the sensitivities among Indonesians on matters relevant with their culture, religion and belief,” an Indonesian official said in a statement to Reuters.

Same-sex marriage is still illegal in Indonesia. In recent years, government authorities have cracked down on gays, using the country’s anti-pornography laws to make arrests.


The fact remains that the hypocrisy on the left is truly mind-blowing. If you thought the NBA was bad for pimping themselves to China, and turning their collective heads to the atrocities perpetrated there, don’t look now, Barbie is in town, and she’s looking for trouble.

Ken could not be reached for comment.