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Netflix Eats It, Removes Alphabet Tag From Dahmer Series

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I’ve never been a big fan of the “true crime” genre. Real world day to day stuff is enough for me. I don’t need to rehash serial killers, mass murderers and the like. Some people are into it big time, and I guess to each their own. It doesn’t bother me that Netflix makes shows like that. I just choose not to watch.

Of course, you are going to have certain segments of society that are going to go out of their way to be bothered, offended, outraged, or pretend to be to get brownie points. Those folks are just the best, aren’t they? All too often a few really loud voices can get a huge corporation like Netflix to do their bidding. Much easier to change a category on a series or movie listing then be dragged into the Twitterverse and trolled mercilessly. Recently Netflix caved to the alphabet community and changed the tag for the new Jeffrey Dahmer biopic to avoid angering a small percentage of the population. So brave. Check this out from the Blaze:

Netflix has reportedly accommodated the demands of social media users who recently became enraged after the streaming service giant tagged a biopic about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer as “LGBTQ” content.

Most of Dahmer’s victims were gay and racial or ethnic minorities.

Ostensibly because Dahmer was a homosexual and most of his victims identified as members of the gay community, Netflix tagged the series as “LGBTQ” content. Many on social media then complained about the association between Dahmer and the LGBTQ community.

I fail to see the problem. Dahmer WAS gay. The tag is LGBTQ. The “G” means gay. At least right now it does. You don’t get to disassociate yourself from someone just because you don’t like what he did. Dahmer was a part of the alphabet community. Own it.

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You don’t see white people saying another white dude isn’t one of us when he shoots up a liquor store or commits a heinous crime. Nope, that’s just another white dude acting like a fool. You have to own it. Fair is fair. In fact, white people are constantly lumped together by the media and race baiters because of the bad actions of a few. Same with police officers.

One TikTok user called @lizthelezbo also asked “why the f***” Netflix would tag the series as “LGBTQ” since “this is not the representation we’re looking for,” even if it is “technically true” that Dahmer was gay.

Do you get to pick and choose the representation that you want? The alphabet community only wants stories that make them look like they are all virtuous heroes living their best lives and celebrating “who they are”. Well, not everyone in the community is a pillar of society, so you have to take the bad with the good. Or not I suppose since Netflix bravely caved after Twitter users started complaining. One more reason besides the increasing price to cancel Netflix and move away from the service.