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NBA, ESPN Drop Ball by Playing in UAE

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

Just when you thought the NBA was going to save itself from it’s own wokeness, here they go scheduling games in the United Arab Emirates.

When will these clowns running the NBA learn? You can’t espouse a point of view, shove it down your fans throats, then just ignore said point of view just because there is cash to be made?

So what am I talking about? What’s MY point of view? Thanks for asking.

Turns out the NBA, a shining beacon of social justice, political  wokeness, and LGBTQ champions, are playing preseason games in Abu Dahbi in October.

Why is this notable? Our friends over at Fox News said this,

The NBA and broadcast partner ESPN have been major supporters of LBGTQ rights in the U.S., but have said nothing about how the LBGTQ community has experienced massive human rights injustices in overseas locations where the NBA will soon hold games.

In Abu Dhabi, for instance, being gay or transgender is punishable by beatings or even death. It is considered a crime. Gay marriage is totally forbidden. Basically, anything but heterosexuality can get you in serious trouble.

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But wait! Hold your proverbial horses! Aren’t we to believe the United States is the most anti gay, anti trans, homophobic, racist, intolerant place in our arm of the Milky Way?

I mean, if you listen to the unhinged arm of the mainstream media, the blue check social justice warriors on Twitter, select leftists in Washington, (looking at you Karine Jean-Pierre), and the blue hair, nose ring brigade on TikTok, then what other conclusion could one come to?

Well, shockingly, there are other places on the planet that have a slightly more narrow viewpoint on things like, you know, individual rights and the freedom we take for granted here in America.

Maybe we can give ESPN and the NBA a “pass” on this one. Maybe they didn’t research Abu Dhabi and their laws and customs thoroughly. Nah. Fox also said this:

The NBA and ESPN have to know this, as both have been very outspoken about all such issues here in the States. As we noted, the league pulled the 2016. All-Star Game out of Charlotte because of a bathroom bill passed in North Carolina.

So you mean to tell me the NBA pulled the All Star Game out of Charlotte because North Carolina is brazen and transphobic enough to insist something as extreme as using the bathroom of your actual biological gender?

What gives fellas? I’ll tell you what gives. The UAE gives. Trucks of cash to greedy corporate entities like ESPN and the NBA, meanwhile neither gives a real rats patootie about trans rights, gay rights, or basic human rights. If we are keeping it real, and if you read my work, you know I’m ALWAYS keeping it real, I maintain the NBA nor ESPN give a damn about America and the very people they purport to care about, their customers.

This deserves an explanation, but neither the NBA nor Hawks nor Bucks nor ESPN responded to requests for comment. On top of that, none of the mainstream media outlets want to touch the subject, as way too many have become PR arms for the league, as opposed to actual reporters who are willing to challenge it.

As OutKick founder Clay Travis said, “Most NBA media are terrified of angering the NBA and most sports media only share left wing attacks on the United States and pretend the rest of the world has no flaws.”

The only way this hypocrisy can stop is by being called out. Unfortunately too many are afraid of the fallout.

Make no mistake, the league and ESPN don’t care. They don’t care about you, me, or America unless we are putting cash in their pockets.

Perhaps if enough people wake up and start making their voices heard with their dollars, the NBA and ESPN can learn what “go woke, go broke” really means.