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Murdered Texas Teacher Shereena Ann Webster’s Body Found By 5-year-old Daughter

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A Texas man has been arrested and charged with the murder of his ex-girlfriend on the 18th of August. The ex-girlfriend, who was a Texas teacher, was shot to death, and her 5-year-old daughter discovered her body. 

The 36-year-old woman, Shereena Ann Webster, was killed in her home in Amarillo. This happened on the 18th of August when the child was in another room. The criminal complaint alleged that Webster’s former lover, the 32-year-old Erik Mitchell Rivas, was the murderer, and he fled after seeing that she was dead. 

The child ended up discovering her mother’s corpse around 5 am and immediately called her grandmother, Patricia Byington. After receiving the call, Patricia immediately alerted the police authorities. 

Police got to Webster’s home around 5:15 and found her lying on the floor with gunshot wounds all over her body. Several shell casings were also found around her.

After checking the surveillance video from a neighbor’s home, they found that Rivas’s car was at the scene around 4:15 am. The video showed that he arrived at Webster’s home around 3 am and was there for about 75 minutes. They also discovered that a ladder from Rivas’s workplace was found on Webster’s property, leaning against her fence, which was locked. Rovas was identified as a suspect after these findings. A search ensued immediately, and Rivas was later apprehended in Dallas and then taken into custody. 

The deceased Webster and Rivas had been seeing each other for years till recently when Webster “ended the relationship and was speaking to other men.”

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Patricia testified that Webster was scheduled to visit Colorado to meet up with a suitor on the 19th of August, which was the day after she was murdered. Police believe that Rivas had used the ladder discovered to climb into Webster’s property. They also found footsteps leading into the house from the backyard where the ladder was stationed. 

According to Webster’s obituary, she has been a teacher for several years. She started her teaching career at Oakdale Elementary in Amarillo, where she taught for ten years. 

She later completed her master’s in educational leadership in 2019 and started teaching at South Georgia Elementary after two years. Webster also won the “Teachers on the Rise” award in 2015 and was loved by all her students. 

Moreso, Webster recently accepted a new offer from Region 16, an educational service as a High Impact Tutoring Learning Leader.

The obituary adds that her daughter “was Shereena’s world, her mini-me, her best friend and her little miracle. “Shereena’s love for [her daughter] was a beautiful thing to watch. Their bond was and will always be unbreakable.”

Following Webster’s death, her family began a GoFundMe campaign to solicit funds for the 5-year-old’s future. The finance campaign has raised more than half its $50,000 target. 

Rivas has been charged with one count of first-degree murder. According to court records, he is currently held on a $1 million bond at Randall Country Jail.