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Mother of Mom, 20, Shot Dead on NYC’s Upper East Side Says Police Ignored Her Domestic Violence Reports as Mayor Adams Blames Guns

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After New York City’s Dem. Mayor Eric Adams prematurely laid the blame for the cold-blooded murder of a young mom as she crossed an Upper East Side street on a supposed lack of gun restrictions, the victim’s mother has blasted cops for failing to take her daughter’s reports of domestic violence seriously.

A vigil was held for 20-year-old Azsia Johnson last night as family and friends grieved for the loss of the young mom who was executed at point-blank range by a gunman as she crossed a street in NY’s affluent Upper East Side opposite a leafy park full of children with her 3-month-old son in a stroller.

The hooded assassin is still at large and cops have not yet officially identified him, but Azsia’s distraught mom, Lisa Desort said she believes her daughter’s ex-boyfriend shot her and said the police had failed to protect her.

“We called every day to the domestic violence [unit]. You know what they told me, it’s not harassment if he makes a threat,” said Lisa through tears.

“Now, my daughter is dead. She’s dead! A 20-year-old female with a credit score of 800.”

Lisa was in a quiet conversation with mayor Adams at the vigil who reportedly gave his condolences to the family for their loss. As the awful crime was reported yesterday, Adams took the opportunity to blast New York’s already relatively strict gun laws:

“More guns in our city means more lives lost,” he said.

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“It means more babies crying, as those who love them lie dead.”

But as more information has now emerged from the victim’s mom, it seems there may have been a significant failing by cops who allegedly “ignored her domestic violence calls” as Azsia reported her 22-year-old boyfriend for assault while she was 6 months pregnant with his son.

“We called the precinct numerous times to tell the [domestic violence] unit that he was stalking and harassing her,” Lisa told The New York Post.

“Even [though] they knew what apartment he lived in, they failed to apprehend and arrest him,’ the mom continued. “The city failed to protect my daughter.

All that anyone needs to know in this city is we called numerous times for her protection. No one protected my daughter, and now she’s dead,” she added to Fox News later.

According to the New York Daily News, the young mom had texted her family to tell them that she was meeting up with her ex-boyfriend that night to try to reconcile with him. Her mother had been tracking her cell phone via an app and became concerned when it showed she was in a hospital.

Lisa tried to call her daughter, but there was no answer. Then, as cops emerged at her door, she “fell to the ground”.

“He threatened me with death, my daughter with death, and my other daughter with death,” she said.

“She had been working since she was 16, and she took care of people. She was the best mother. My daughter did not deserve this.”

Cops are trying to locate Azsia’s ex-boyfriend and father of their now motherless child for questioning.