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Mike Lindell Slams Fox News While Speaking At Trump’s Rally

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While speaking at Trump’s rally in Florence, Arizona CEO of MyPillow, Mike Lindell, has some very choice words for Fox News. Lindell was given a speaking slot during Trump’s rally in Arizona and used the time to talk about alleged voter fraud during the 2020 election and also slammed Fox News.

While speaking to a massive crowd in Florence, Arizona, Lindell told the crowd that the enemy isn’t the “Fake News Media” because it’s quite obvious they are already biased but the real enemy is the “Conservative media the one’s that don’t talk“. The CEO of MyPillow would then say that one of the Conservative media news outlets that don’t talk about election fraud “rhymes with Fox“, of course, Lindell was referring to Fox News.

Lindell has butted heads with Fox News in the last several months, mainly due to the fact Fox News has decided to discontinue some of Mike Lindell’s ads for his companies because they mentioned events that would discuss election fraud. Lindell has also not been welcomed on Fox News ever since Dominion Voting Machines sued Lindell for over $1 billion. Fox News was also sued by Dominion Voting Machines and ever since they were hit with a lawsuit, they have been silent regarding any claims that the 2020 election was fraudulent, on the other hand, Lindell has done the exact opposite and has been supporting his claims louder than ever.

Excuse the biased rhetoric to the tweet below but check out the moment Lindell called out Fox News down below:

Lindell also mentioned to the crowd of Trump supporters that Conservative news outlet OAN was dropped from DirecTV for reporting the truth. One America News Outlet was indeed dropped by DirecTV which is owned by AT&T, OAN previously had a show that starred Lindell called Absolute Proof.

Besides Tucker Carlson who has done an outstanding job at the network, Fox News has really lost the touch they once had. Fox’s fall started the 2020 election night when they called the state of Arizona for Biden early. Fox News gave the state to Biden while there were still voters waiting in line, something that CNN didn’t even do. That’s not the only compromising action by Fox News though.

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A report by the Guardian Gazette declared:

A 2019 tax report shows that Fox News heir James Murdoch has donated over 100 million dollars to left-wing organizations. According to a recent report by CNBC, James Murdoch and his wife Kathryn’s tax return documents of their nonprofit Quadrivium revealed the couple shacked out over $100 million dollars to Democrats, climate change initiatives, and some other bipartisan projects. James Murdoch also reportedly dished out over 20 million dollars to Biden’s campaign to oppose Donald Trump’s re-election bid.

James Murdoch is the son of Rupert Murdoch the billionaire owner of Fox Corp which controls Fox News. Rubert Murdoch has openly claimed to be a Republican voter, whereas as his son and future heir James Murdoch has openly shown that he aligns or towards the left. Fox News which has been America’s long-standing conservative news network could turn ugly fast if James Murdoch has his way with the media company.