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Miami Surgeon Uses Tik Tok to Promote Gender Reassignment to Teens (Videos)

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

A Miami-based plastic surgeon, Sidhbh Gallagher, is currently advertising the “gender-affirming” surgeries she performs on adolescents on Tik Tok, the youth-dominated social media platform, according to the Daily Caller.

Dr. Gallagher’s profile on the popular and widely used social media app contains hundreds of disturbing videos about transgender-related surgeries she performs. Some even includes photos and videos of her young patients who shamelessly show off their scars from double mastectomies. Her videos are part of a growing and disturbing pro-transgender-affirming trend encouraging young people on a wide scale on social media to pursue biomedical interventions and gender reassignment surgeries.

Dr. Gallagher’s website doesn’t list any age restrictions on its gender affirmation page. Instead, it states that “it may well be much more detrimental to the patient to wait until the age of 18 for surgery.” However, she says “feminizing bottom surgery” candidates should generally be over 18 in one video.


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Many of her videos answer questions from potential surgery patients, including how to initiate the process, how to prepare for surgery, whether to keep or remove their nipples following a mastectomy, and how fake testicles are made during genital surgery. These disturbing videos seem to mainly focus on double mastectomies, which she jokingly calls “the teet yeet,” Most of the patients she shares photos of on her Facebook page appear to be underaged teenagers. In one of her Facebook photos of a middle-aged patient, she captions the photograph “proving age is just a number.”

In another one of her stellar video clips, Gallagher explains how some of her patients decide whether or not to keep their nipples or have them removed entirely because 80% of them don’t recover any sensation after having them removed.

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“Probably about 20% of my patients opt to go nip-free. Now the reason some folks do this is this is what’s going to be most affirming for them,” she said. “Some folks describe dysphoria associated with the nips themselves, and most people just want that clean look of the nip-free chest. One tip patients have taught me is to look at a lot of results and just find what resonates with you and what you would find most affirming.”

 Her informative videos also cover the subject of genital surgeries. In one TikTok, she explains that for female patients who want phalloplasty (the surgical construction of an artificial penis), it’s possible to keep the vagina intact for certain operations, but the “stand to pee” surgery requires the removal of the vagina and uterus; hip-hop music plays in the background of the video.


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Gallagher also uses her Tik Tok platform to address her critics, whom she predictably refers to as “transphobes.” What a surprise. She also uses the platform to vent about age restrictions which she refers to as “gatekeeping.” 

Her videos are just part of a larger, more sinister agenda that exists to encourage confused adolescents and lead them down a path of confusion and disillusion. TikTok is currently inundated with videos of adolescents showing off mastectomy scars, fundraising for transgender-related procedures and hormonal medications, and promoting the dangerous notion that common adolescent woes are signs of being trans and would be alleviated by transitioning.

Parents, keep a watchful eye on your kids and what they are consuming through social media. People like Dr. Gallagher have what many might consider a God complex, and it is helping to push a dangerous agenda on a site that is viewed by adolescents worldwide. Studies worldwide have proven that suicide rates are actually higher amongst adolescents who transitioned, and not the other way around as the Biden Administration would have you believe. Let your kids be kids, and let’s stop this global madness, and start by canceling voices like those of Dr. Sidhbh Gallagher.