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Meghan’s Drops Latest Bombshell that She’s Been Keeping a Secret Diary about the Royal Family

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The floodgates have well and truly opened for Duchess Moaning Markle as she gave the semi-threat that she would continue her warpath against the British Royal Family in an interview over the weekend.

She also revealed she’s been keeping a poison-pen ‘diary’ spanning from before the couple left Britain, sparking rumors she may be intending to publish more dirt about ‘The Firm’ in an exclusive book release.

The Royal Family including Prince Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, 96, are reportedly bracing for “more bombshell revelations” as many fear Meghan is preparing to use exerts from her ‘diary’ to write a tell-all book about her time living with Harry’s family and how awful they supposedly were to her.

Speaking to The Cut magazine in an exclusive interview, the Duchess said she had found the journal after going through personal belongings which had been left at Frogmore Cottage, the $2.7 million property that was given to the couple by the Crown Estate after their wedding:

“You go back and you open drawers and you’re like, Oh my gosh. This is what I was writing in my journal there?”

Later in the interview, Meghan doubled down on her threat to go after the Royals again as she said she never “had to sign anything” to stop her talking about them and that she “can talk about my whole experience and make a choice not to”.

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Prince Harry has already written a tell-all autobiography which is set to be released in time for Christmas. Royals experts like Margaret Holder, author of Diana: The Caring Princess said:

She had enough time in the royal fold to learn secrets, some decades old, which could cause embarrassment and heartache for the Queen and her family, but could earn a fortune for Meghan.

For Meghan, a book about her time with the royals offers a great opportunity for settling scores, naming those who offended her, and hitting back at a system she didn’t understand and was unwilling to learn.”

Another said:

“Harry and Meghan were told to ignore social media and newspapers but sometimes staff would say to them, ‘so sorry about what was written the other day’, and she would hit the roof. She wrote it all in her diary as an insurance policy.

“If it ever saw the light of day it would surely be dynamite. By the sounds of it, this journal was rediscovered this summer, boxed up and shipped back to Montecito.”

Meghan has let out a few stink bombs over the years about Harry’s Family. In 2021, she moaned that an “unnamed” Royal had asked what color baby Archie’s skin was after he was born, prompting many social media users to hit back that family members always ask about a baby’s looks – hair color, eye color, and why not skin color?

Speaking on the second installment of her new podcast, Archetypes yesterday, Meghan said she felt she was treated “like a black woman” for the first time after marrying Harry.

But as social media users have pointed out, Meghan’s truth is just that, ‘her truth’.

‘Revelations’ are, after all, just accusations – and there’re plenty of reasons as to why the bitterly unhappy pair of Hollywood wannabes should want to stir up more trouble.

We’ve not seen or heard the last of Meghan and Harry but with every new toxic rant about how hard done by they supposedly are, the Sussexes are merely alienating themselves further.

Rather than achieve their goal of creating a new, woke version of the Royal Family, the pair have become despicable pantomime villains, and it’s only a matter of time before Prince Charming saves the day.