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McGross! McDonalds Offering Plant-Based Nuggets

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As the left and the crazy climate nerds charge at windmills and insist we eat plants and bugs, McDonalds has decided to jump into the fray and spare chicken their nuggets everywhere. The worldwide burger and fry chain, in a move no one wanted recently announced they will be offering plant based nugs. Check this out.

The McPlanet Nuggets will be made from peas, corn and a white/tempura batter, and will hit stores at some point next week.

Wow! A healthy, delicious alternative to chicken nuggets! Or is it? The meat substitutes and plant-based craze has portrayed itself as a healthy alternative to meat, but is it really? Fast food in general is highly processed and loaded with sodium and fat. Meat substitutes are as well, however. Since plants generally don’t have the taste, smell, and texture of chicken or beef, how do you think they end up smelling, tasting, and feeling like chicken and beef? It ain’t magic, is processing.

The Beyond Meat burger patty nutrition info. It is LOADED with sodium and contains seven grams of carbs.

Another point is, who is eating at a fast-food joint and taking their health into consideration? McDonalds gave up on salads years ago. This is a chain that coined the term “supersize”. Going to McDonalds is for when you need to eat to forget, or it is the only place open on the interstate at two in the morning. McDonalds isn’t a destination, it’s where you end up. No one wants to “end up” jamming fake, plant-based chicken into their domes on a late Saturday night after too many light beers at the club.

The fake meat craze has hit its apex. People simply don’t want ersatz beef, faux hog, veggie chicken, or any other of the concoctions the woke left keep shoving on us in an effort to save a planet that seems to be doing very well in spite of us. Part of the reason is we already have cows, pigs, chicken and numerous other critters that are tasty, healthy, abundant and versatile. If we stop eating beef, where are we going to get leather from? I’m sorry, but “pleather” pants are more offensive than a rare steak to a vegan. Are we all supposed to be wearing vinyl sneakers with Velcro laces?

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This is America, and McDonalds is an American chain. Americans want all beef burgers, crispy CHICKEN McNuggets, filet of actual fish, and sausage and bacon that isn’t made from a tree. The communists and climate change nuts can chew on all the twigs, branches, crickets, and braised cock roaches that they want. In America, we kill ’em, grill ’em, and get them through a drive through. Veggie nuggets are just plain Unamerican. McDonald’s will find out. It’s not like there aren’t still good old American fast-food chains trying to kill us on every corner. Have you seen an Arby’s ad? They have the meats! Now McDonald has the plants! Yuck!