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Man That Called 911 To Report Cold Fries Ended Up Getting Arrested For Murder

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A Georgia man who dialed the emergency center to file a complaint about Mcdonald’s somehow ended up being the one in cuffs. On Friday, 24-year-old Antoine Sims dialed 911 to complain about his cold fries, forgetting that he was wanted for murder and on the run.

He had gotten into an argument with a staff member at a McDonald’s spot in Kennesaw, Georgia. According to reports, he was upset over his food taking too much time to get ready, and he was also given cold fries.

As the officers got to the spot, Sims said, “So now our food is sitting there cold. So when I come up, I try the fries. The fries are lukewarm, but they’re not hot.

The manager also explained that they had offered to give Sims a refund for his order, but he had refused. He said he did not want a refund because getting it back into his account would take ages, and he wasn’t ready to wait. 

Both the employees of the fast food restaurant and Sims himself had called 911; Sims to complain about his cold fries and the employees to complain about a customer disturbing their business.

Kennesaw Police officer David Buchanan said, “The owner said he was cursing at him and wanted him to leave and to be issued a criminal trespass warning.

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According to a police report, the angry manager also said he didn’t want Sims to step foot in his restaurant again. “I don’t ever want him back here. I mean, dude’s obviously on probation (out on bond) got an ankle bracelet on.

Following this statement, the police immediately requested dispatch to run a check on Sims through the crime database. The police then asked Sims to sign a document to vow that he would not trespass at this restaurant again and as he was urged to get closer to the document, he immediately backed off.

He said, “I’m afraid of y’all. I just did three years, sir. I’m afraid of y’all, sir.” The officer then asked him if he was under house arrest, and he confirmed this but immediately took to his heels.

This resulted in a chase through the McDonald’s parking lot till a taser was fired at Sims from behind. He immediately falls into the pavement, letting out a high-pitched scream as the taser hit him.

Following the crime database check results, it was discovered that Sims was charged in 2018 with the murder of Adelisa Murtatovic in Johns Creek. Her body was found in a burning car after a drug deal allegedly went south.

The other two suspects in this murder case had turned themselves in, but Sims decided to become a fugitive, hiding from the authorities. Sims, however, seemed to have forgotten this fact as he called the police himself. 

Officer Buchanan noted, “It’s very unusual that someone, knowing he is wanted by police, would call the police, but Mr. Sims did that.

He was captured in Wisconsin in 2019 by US marshals and was charged with homicide, arson, and concealing the death of another. Sims was then out on bond, due back in court in July to enter his plea, but never showed up. 

His failure to appear in court earned him a warrant, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution also reported that “In addition to his outstanding warrant, Sims was charged with obstruction or hindering law enforcement and criminal trespass.”

He was also found with 31 grams of marijuana and evidence of distribution which added possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute to his many charges.