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Long, Cold Winter in Britain As Energy Prices Surge

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

I’ve never been to Great Britain, though I will say I picture it as being cold and gray and dreary most of the time. Sort of like Seattle without the Space Needle and CHOP zone.

I know when it is cold and blustery here, I like to crank the thermostat up and put on some shorts and a t shirt. It helps my state of mind.

Sadly, there are parts of our country, and the rest of the world where cranking up the thermostat, or even having the heat on this winter is going to be a difficult decision for some folks to make.

Energy prices are high all over, and with the forced transition to “green energy”, things aren’t looking too good for the foreseeable future.

A recent poll in Great Britain revealed some sad, shocking results in terms of energy consumption. Check this out from Breitbart:

Polling released on Monday has suggested that just under one in four Britons will not turn on their heating due to the rising price of energy.

It is the latest statistic showing how much Britain’s population is struggling under the myriad economic crises facing them, with one union boss recently hinting at the possibility of street riots over how dire things are for many in the country.

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Can you even imagine how difficult a decision it must be to have to decide between heat and groceries or other bills?

How did we get to this point? How did we get to the point where we have to choose to be cold. This is simply unacceptable in 2022!

According to a report by The Telegraph, polling commissioned by the Liberal Democrats completed last week has revealed that around 23 per cent of people plan not to turn on their heating this winter if energy prices increase.

This figure rose to 27 per cent when only those with children under the age of 18 were polled, while 11 per cent said they would take out a loan to help cover the cost of energy, again rising to 17 per cent for those with children under the age of 18.

We should be far more blessed than this in 2022. We are a world desperate to transition to less efficient, less reliable, more costly green energy, yet many can’t afford what we have now.

Technology and the zeal to battle the boogeyman of climate change is driving some parts of the world almost literally back to the stone age.

A price increase was announced late last week, with the price cap for domestic energy customers being raised by 80 per cent.

Overall, 69 per cent of adults polled said they would turn on their heating less over the winter months as a result of soaring prices.

This is simply an unacceptable situation, and while it is across the ocean and not in America, could it happen here?

While my hope is no, with skyrocketing energy costs, as well as the cost of pretty much everything else, some folks will be forced to make hard decisions.

While it remains to be seen if one of these decisions will be whether or not to be cold this winter, one thing is for certain, a country as blessed as America with natural resources shouldn’t have to make those kinds of sacrifices, and if we do, our leadership has to be held responsible.