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LOL: Right-Wing Humorist Hilariously Humiliates AOC [WATCH]

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How should one deal with leftists like Rep. AOC? YouTuber, Twitter personality, and conservative personality Alex Stein has one idea: mock and humiliate them to expose them as the fools, frauds, and firebrands, as Roger Scruton once described them, that they are.

And so he did so with AOC, waiting for her to appear at the Capitol and then filming himself and her while joking that she was his favorite “big booty Latina”.

Predictably, AOC, who in the video just threw up a peace sign and posed with him without saying anything of note or even looking angry, later lost it on Twitter, saying:

I posted about a deeply disgusting incident that happened today on the Capitol steps, but took it down bc it’s clearly someone seeking extremist fame. It’s just a bummer to work in an institution that openly allowed this, but talking about it only invites more. Just really sad.

She then shared the video and claimed that she had been planning on “decking” him, meaning that she would have used violence to combat mockery, something that’s beyond the pale for the US, or at least used to be. In her words:

Here is a video he posted of the incident. I was actually walking over to deck him because if no one will protect us then I’ll do it myself but I needed to catch a vote more than a case today

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In that gem of a reply is the idea that words are somehow dangerous or violent and that “protection” is needed from them, a point that many on the far-left has recently been making, particularly as they try to find ways to crack down on dissent and conservative speech.

Stein, for his part, didn’t say anything threatening in the video, much less act in a violent way that would have required “protection”. Rather, he just made a joke about her looks and noted that she’s pro-abortion, saying:

“AOC, my favorite big booty Latina. I love you AOC, you’re my favorite. She wants to kill babies, but she’s still beautiful. You look very beautiful in that dress. You look very sexy. Look at that booty on AOC.”

Then, after she asked if he wanted a selfie and posed for one, he said:

“My favorite, AOC. Nice to meet you, AOC. Look how sexy she looks in that dress! Woo, I love it, AOC. Hot, hot, hot, like a tamale!”

Rude? Perhaps. Requiring protection or a violent response? No.

Further, AOC is the one who said that protesters are supposed to make people uncomfortable, as was pointed out on Twitter:It

It’s not just Democrats that Stein has mocked. He also made fun of Adam Kinzinger recently and made fun of Rep. Dan Crenshaw, calling him “eyepatch McCain.”

Hilarious stuff, particularly given AOC’s ridiculous, overly outraged response on Twitter after all she did in real life was pose for a selfie.

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