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LOL: Gay Actor Goes on Berserk Twitter Rant Blaming “Straight People” after Woke Movie “Bros” Bombs at Box Office

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If you were to come up with a movie that sounded utterly unappealing to the normal person in America, you’d probably come up with “Bros.” Here’s the film’s “about” description:

Bobby is a neurotic podcast host who’s happy to go on Tinder dates and content not to have a serious relationship. That all changes when he meets Aaron, an equally detached lawyer who likes to play the field. Repeatedly drawn to each other, both men begin to show their vulnerable sides as their undeniable attraction turns into something resembling a commitment.

Yeah, so I won’t be seeing that. And many other average Americans felt the same way, as the movie, which came out over the weekend, brought in a dismally small $4.8 million from 3,350 locations. LOL.

So the guy behind the movie, Billy Eichner, went on a hysteric Twitter rant demanding that everyone who’s not “homophobic” go see the film and blaming “straight people” for its utter flopping. In his words:

Last night I snuck in and sat in the back of a sold out theater playing BROS in LA. The audience howled with laughter start to finish, burst into applause at the end, and some were wiping away tears as they walked out. It was truly magical. Really. I am VERY proud of this movie.

Rolling Stone already has BROS on the list of the best comedies of the 21st century. What’s also true is that at one point a theater chain called Universal and said they were pulling the trailer because of the gay content. (Uni convinced them not to). America, fuck yeah, etc etc.

That’s just the world we live in, unfortunately. Even with glowing reviews, great Rotten Tomatoes scores, an A CinemaScore etc, straight people, especially in certain parts of the country, just didn’t show up for Bros. And that’s disappointing but it is what it is.

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Everyone who ISN’T a homophobic weirdo should go see BROS tonight! You will have a blast! And it *is* special and uniquely powerful to see this particular story on a big screen, esp for queer folks who don’t get this opportunity often. I love this movie so much. GO BROS!!! ❤️🌈

Later he was coping hard, saying that the box office isn’t what matters. In his words:

Box office, as we all know, has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of a movie. And tweeting about a movie you haven’t actually seen is meaningless. That’s just twitter bullshit. The majority of people who see Bros really love it! Go check it out and see for yourself!

And yes I’m going to continue tweeting about Bros every day for the next year just to spite you! 😂❤️GO BROS!!! I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!#BrosMovie

While Eichner claimed the film got great reviews (it does have a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes), it has, as of now, only a 5.4 on IMDB. It’s almost like people would prefer actual comedy rather than woke virtue signaling barely disguised as “comedy”… we’ll see if Hollywood studios and the woke actors in them ever learn that lesson.

By: Gen Z Conservative