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Lawsuit Filed for Females Getting Assaulted in Prison

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Repulsive and beastly are a few words that perfectly describe the vile actions in which corrupt jailers and inmates have allegedly engaged themselves.

28 women have come together to file two lawsuits relating to this accusation. A former Clark County Corrections officer named David Lowe was alleged to have sold jail keys to two different male prisoners for $1000 each. With these keys, these men entered the women’s side of the Jail wearing masks made of towels and blankets to molest the women. The lawsuit also names Clark County Sheriff Jamey Noel and additional “unknown” officers working the night of the attack to have been involved in this crime.

According to William McCall, a lawyer representing 20 of the victims, at least two of the victims were raped by the male prisoners who entered their jail room. As a result, one of these two victims who were raped became pregnant and later miscarried. 

“Since she had been in custody for numerous months, there is no chance she was pregnant before she entered the Clark County Jail. My client had a miscarriage in December 2021,” he said, confirming his client’s testimony.

Another one of these women also suffered from bodily injuries and unfortunately contracted genital herpes, an infection mainly transmitted by sex or genital touching. Other women involved in this lawsuit testified to have been groped, sexually assaulted, and subjected to male prisoners exposing themselves. To date, many of these women are reported to be still suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

Their lawyer, William McCall, added, “The women that were subjected to the extended period that these male inmates were running rampant in the women’s pod still are suffering great emotional issues,” he said. “What is disheartening is the inability of these women to afford therapy and counseling.”

According to the lawsuit against these men, the male prisoners had used keys obtained from the Corrections Officer, Lowe, to enter the women’s prison room on the night of October 23 and into the early morning hours of October 24, 2021. After successfully penetrating their rooms, they proceeded to harass, intimidate and rape the women for several hours and went on to threaten them before going back to their pods. This action caused significant physical and emotional injuries to the women. Lowe, accused of selling the keys, was immediately fired and is facing felony criminal charges in an Indiana court and a federal lawsuit. He has, however, pleaded not guilty to these charges.

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In similar news, the Sheriff was accused of presiding over “a systemic failure” that included a lack of training for his jailers, lack of supervision, and lack of adequate security. According to the lawsuit, these systemic failures allowed numerous male assailants to have free run of the Jail for several hours, resulting in a night of terror. 

“Amazingly, even though there were surveillance cameras positioned in locations that showed the male detainees accessing the women’s Pods, and even though the incident involved multiple male detainees and dozens of victims over an extended period of time, not a single jail officer on duty that night came to the aid of the Plaintiffs and the other victims,” the lawsuit reads.

Judging from how this all happened casually despite the tight security in prison, from the numerous surveillance cameras to the officers who are frequently patrolling, this vile act is presumably a norm at the correctional center, and all the public and these women want now is justice.