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LA Times Makes Absurd Demand to the Oscars, Women Losing Again

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It was a good run, ladies. It seems like forever ago that #metoo took place and women everywhere were empowered and riding high. Now? Well, sneaky dudes are winning beauty pageants, taking first place at sporting events, and the lgbtq air force is demanding that men are women and mothers are ‘birthing people”. It’s all very upside down right now, and not in the entertaining “Stranger Things” way. The world is sort of like an old SNL skit before all they could do was bash conservatives and Donald Trump. Except even less funny, if possible. Recently the Los Angeles Times, the failing leftist newspaper made the most absurd of absurdist demands of all things, the Oscars. Buckle up ladies, and check this out.

The Los Angeles Times called for the Oscars, Emmys, and Golden Globes to cease all gendered categories immediately.

The piece declares the awards sexist and unfair to those who identify as neither male nor female. Specifically, The LA Times took issue with the “Best Actress” category.

“The ‘best actress’ Oscar is a sexist Hollywood relic. Time to get rid of gendered awards,” headlines the piece.

Shall we address the obvious first? Nonbinary is make believe, ok? There, I said it. You can pretend to be a kitty cat, but that doesn’t mean you are a kitty cat. If you have female chromosomes, you are a woman. Period. End of debate. The left, which used to be the party of science is now the party of science fiction. People can believe what they want about themselves, but to force their beliefs an everyone else must stop.

Women can no longer play their own sports, due to the inclusion of biological men like Lia Thomas. Women’s prisons now force female inmates to bunk up with violent male rapists who “sometimes” call themselves women.

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And according to The LA Times, women should no longer have their own Oscar categories.

Grouping men, women, and the nonbinary together would only diminish the chances of naming new Oscar-winning actresses.

The only sensible move would be for ALL of the awards shows to tell the times to pound sand and mind their own business. Unfortunately, more often than not organizations will bow to the demands of the woke, lunatic left and capitulate to their demands. Ironically the awards circuit caters to the most left and woke of the lot, Hollywood elite. As usual the woke eat their own.

The proposed category change could decrease the number of women nominated for top awards. A 2022 UCLA Hollywood Diversity Report says women made up less than half of the leads in 2021 films with only 25% of Oscar-winning films having a female lead.

Looks like women lose again. It was a good run, ladies. We tried, but suburban women bought the bullcrap from Joe Biden and the left and decided “orange man bad”, and now we are left with an upside-down society that doesn’t look like it’s going to be flipped right side up for some time.

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