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LA Mom Admits Murdering 3 of Her Children With the Help of Teen Son

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A mother in Los Angeles has admitted to killing three of her seven children on Mother’s Day with the help of her 16-year-old son according to authorities. Angela Flores aged 38 years old was booked into the LA county jail Sunday night on three counts of murder for killing her 12-year-old daughter and two of her boys. Her bail was set at $6 million. Her 16-year-old son was also arrested on one count of murder and is being held at Sylmar juvenile hall according to police.

A 911 caller reported an assault with a deadly weapon at 7:40 AM on Sunday to the home on Victory Blvd which sent police racing. There they found the three victims, Natalie aged 12, Nathan aged 8, and Kevin who was believed to be about 10 years old. Paramedics arrived shortly after the police and declared all three victims dead. The LAPD said Flores confessed to killing her children with the assistance of her 16 year old son. The motive for the murders is still unknown. The cause of deaths were not released immediately and Flores has three other children living out of state with their father.

Prior to Angela Flores allegedly attacking her children and killing them, neighbors say that she had been acting erratically. She was seen to be screaming, praying, and lighting candles at other homes on the street and in other people’s backyards. “I heard someone screaming, ‘My family is abusing me,’ and all kinds of nonsense. I couldn’t make out what it was.” Priscila Canales told CBSLA. “I guess at that time she was in our neighbor’s yard … burning a candle and she had the Bible out.”  It is unclear at this time if any of the neighbors attempted to help Flores calm down or find out why she was acting so bizarre.

“The screaming you heard; you knew she was not OK,” Canales told the Los Angeles Times. “I can still hear her screaming.

What is clear is that the neighbors did see a possible problem before the children were killed and did not act in any way whatsoever to try and understand the situation, diffuse the situation, or even call the proper authorities for a welfare check. Even calling the police when someone is trespassing in your backyard and screaming with candles would have prevented this tragedy. Certainly, they were trying to be nice neighbors and understanding. We also can’t blame the standards for the acts of others, however we are free to imagine how this may have played out differently if someone had said something to her or to the authorities.

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There is no word on whether or not the 16-year-old has received a bail sentence yet. There has also been no reaction from her other three children publicly or from their father. It must be an incredibly difficult time for those children, but thankfully they were unharmed. Hopefully the children that have been able to survive this tragedy will receive the comfort and guidance that they need to move forward. Also, we hope that the father of these children is supported by his community so that he can provide these children what they need.