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Kiss of Death at Tennessee Prison

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

People find lots of creative ways to smuggle contraband into prison. It goes beyond the old trope of a cake with a file baked inside.

Gotta do better than that these days. Body scanners, x ray machines, pat downs, you have to be pretty crafty to get a couple Snickers bars and some heaters into lock up.

Now, I know we all know how this is usually done. Since this is a family article, I’ll spare you the nasty details. Suffice to say, it’s a crappy job.

I guess you could bribe a guard. That seems to work on television and in movies. Just have to make friends with one of the screws and they will let you smuggle in whatever you want.

Or be friends with the Clinton’s. Epstein didn’t kill himself you know! I digress.

Recently, a young lady in Tennessee thought she had a foolproof plan for getting her boyfriend’s drugs to him. Turns out, she should’ve just given him a peck on the cheek instead. Check out Yahoo news for the details:

A woman who shared a kiss with a prisoner during a visitation in Tennessee has been charged with murder after the inmate died shortly after their exchange.

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Rachel Dollard was taken into custody over the weekend by special agents from the Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC) and the Dickson County Sheriff’s Department, the TDOC confirmed in a statement on Tuesday. She is accused of smuggling drugs into the Turney Center Industrial Complex.

I’ve heard of “looks that kill”, and “kiss of death”, but I didn’t know they were real!

Not a terrible plan, to be honest. Smuggle some drugs in, then transfer them into you man’s mouth with a big old wet kiss before you leave. I just don’t want to know where she was hiding them before the kiss took place. Yuck!

The charges come after the death of Joshua Brown, who was serving an 11-year sentence on drug-related charges. His sentence was set to expire in 2029.

During a visitation in February, authorities allege Dollard passed drugs to Brown “as the two exchanged a kiss during visitation at the Turney Center Industrial Complex.” Dollard was allegedly hiding half an ounce of methamphetamine in her mouth and was able to pass it to Brown orally.

He swallowed the balloon pellet containing the drug but died later of an overdose at a local hospital.

So much to unpack here, besides the balloon filled with meth. Joshua Brown only had 7 years left on his sentence, could he not wait a little longer to smoke his sweet, sweet meth? That tells me he probably has gotten it in prison before. Clearly an issue our penal system needs to address.

His term was set to expire in 2029, unfortunately he expired first.

Perhaps Dollard should’ve invested in a higher quality balloon, or maybe a condom. Or here is a crazy idea, don’t smuggle drugs into prison at all! Even better, find a new man that isn’t a long-term resident of the Graybar Hotel!

Alas, stupid people tend to hang out with stupid people and do stupid things. Sort of why we have prisons, for people like Rachel Dollard and her late boyfriend.