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Ken Jeong Throws Tantrum at The Mere Sight of Rudy Guiliani

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Virtue signaling is nothing new. We see it in the social media posts of our friends as often as we see it from celebrities, influencers, and even worse, in politicians. In politicians who are making crucial decisions with our laws in the hopes of impressing the Hollywood “Elite”. In Hollywood the virtue signaling has gotten so intense and so ugly that to falter for even a moment may get you canned and cancelled.

Look no further than Ken Jeong when one of the Masked Singer’s was revealed to be Republican Rudy Guiliani. Before Hollywood lost their minds, the former mayor of New York City was cameoed in several movies and was asked to make special appearances wherever possible. The man had been an attorney since the 1980’s. Like Ronald Reagan, Guiliana had been a Democrat prior to 1975. He then became an Independent for about five years before registering as Republican in 1980.

Sadly, most people in the younger generation only know of Guiliani for his attempt to spearhead the lawsuits by President Trump over the results of the 2020 election. It is because of that reason alone that when the Rooster headed Jack In The Box on Fox’s Masked Singer was revealed to be Guiliani, that Ken Jeong walked off the stage.

Ironically, it was the normally classless Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger who kept the mood light and playful as they danced and celebrated Guiliani singing Bad to The Bone.

“I’m done,”Β Ken Jeong, the comedian and actor, said grumpily and walked off the judge’s panel before exiting behind a curtain. Of course, this moment just had to be filmed so that we could all comment on it. To show some virtue signaling leftist throwing a hissy fit because he saw someone he doesn’t like or align with politically is the exact trash that makes me wonder how much of it is scripted.

Like many, I have been watching the Masked Singer since it came out. You think there haven’t been offensive people that have been brought on the show? Do you think I didn’t cringe hard when Margaret Cho or Raven Simone, or Johnny Weir were revealed? Every conservative in the audience or at home watching probably rolled their eyes.

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The joy of watching TV is slowly being destroyed by the sensitivity to people having to interact with people of differing opinions, views, or beliefs. Ken Jeong could have sat calmly but felt it was more important to announce that he was leaving and then walk off stage. Rudy Guiliani’s license was suspended in both D.C. and New York, but that’s not good enough for the liberal fascists of Hollywood. There can never be enough punishment for someone who dared to be a nonconformist when it comes to the Left.

It’s not enough to destroy a man’s career, they have to do everything they can to cancel your life until you are on the verge of suicide. To think that isn’t the end goal of ridiculous stunts like this is naΓ―ve.

Just check out the responses on Twitter…

Banned for life from anything and everything? Gee, Dan Baker, I wonder what you’ve done in your life that others might think should have you banned for life from… well, life.

Now Elaine Chestnutt wants the person who cast Guiliani to be fired. It’s not enough to cancel Rudy, now we must cancel anyone associated with him.

This one really makes me laugh… Normalizing criminality? Pretty sure Nick Cannon, Ken Jeong, Robin Thick, Nicole Scherzinger and Jenny McCarthy have all broken plenty of laws while doing all they can to promote gangster rappers, abusive athletes, and dozens of sex perverts in Hollyweird.