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Kangaroo Kills Man After Gruesome Attack

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According to statements made by Australian authorities on Tuesday, a man who was found dead in southwest Australia was murdered by a wild kangaroo that may have been kept as a pet. According to reports, this was the first time in Australia since 1936 when a kangaroo was responsible for a deadly assault.

On Sunday, a member of the man’s family discovered him on his property suffering from severe injuries in semirural Redmond, around 250 miles southeast of Perth, the capital city of the state of Western Australia. According to the police, the kangaroo was shot dead by the police because it was blocking the way for emergency medical services to reach the wounded guy. It was suspected that the kangaroo had assaulted the victim earlier in the day.

The victim was pronounced dead on the spot. The police are compiling a report for the coroner, who will then make an official determination about the cause of death. The victim, who was found dead, was believed to have kept the wild kangaroo as a pet, according to the police. There are legal limits on keeping Australian native wildlife as pets; nevertheless, the police media office said on Tuesday that they did not have any information that could be made public about whether or not the victim had a license.

According to Tanya Irwin, who cares for macropods at the Native Animal Rescue agency in Perth, officials in Western Australia seldom provide licenses to maintain kangaroos. Irwin said that it seemed to be an adult male and that older males may get fairly violent and that they do not perform well when kept in captivity.

Irwin would continue to say, “They’re not cute animals; they’re wild animals. Sadly… we don’t know what the circumstance was; whether he was in distress or why he was being held in captivity, and unfortunately… they’re not a cute animal.”

The southwestern region of Australia is home to a large population of western gray kangaroos. They are able to reach a maximum height of 1.3 meters (4 feet 3 inches) and weigh up to 54 kilograms (119 pounds).

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The males are capable of hostility and will fight others using the same strategies that they use when fighting one another. They first wrestle with their opponent using their small upper limbs, then utilize their strong tails to carry the opponent’s body weight, and then they strike with both of their formidable clawed rear legs.

William Cruickshank, who was 38 years old at the time of his death, had been attacked by a kangaroo many months prior to his passing at a hospital in Hillston, which is located in the state of New South Wales on the east coast of Australia.

In a different situation a few years ago a man got in a fight with a kangaroo and even slapped the kangaroo take a look:

Kangaroos are not to be messed with and this video shows why! The cartoons of the innocent kangaroos that only hop around are far from reality.