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Joy Behar Says ‘I’m Not A Biologist’ Ketanji Brown Jackson Is ‘Perfect Like Obama’

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Following the furore around Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson’s statement that she was “not a biologist” when asked by a Republican senator to define what a woman is, woke celebrities have been clambering over each other to express their support for the candidate.

In a bizarre chat-show segment on Wednesday, comedienne and television personality Joy Beher said Jackson reminded her of former President, Obama because he was “also perfect”.

Teaming up with woke Queen Whoopie Goldberg on ABC’s show The View, Behar was part of a discussion about Jackson’s confirmation hearing on Tuesday, during which critical Republican senators fired questions about gender identity and race theory at her.


Goldberg introduced the topic by playing a video clip of the hearing, in which Republican senator Marsha Blackburn asked Jackson to define the word “woman”, to which Jackson worryingly replied, “I can’t, I’m not a biologist.

An astounded Blackburn fired back, “The meaning of the word woman is so unclear and controversial that you can’t give me a definition?”

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With Republicans clearly concerned that Jackson’s outlandish views about gender identity and race could influence her judgement in future cases should she become a High Court judge, the clip ended with Senator Ted Cruz questioning Jackson about race theory.

Clearly unhappy with the line of questioning, Goldberg began her big moan by suggesting senator Lindsey Graham should be “ashamed” of herself for asking questions about Jackson’s faith when she had not previously been critical of the nominee;

“The last three times this woman came before you, you were fine with her. Suddenly now you don’t know what you are doing.” 

In a mindboggling turn, Goldberg went on to berate Republicans for being critical of Jackson’s record of historically issuing weak sentences for those convicted on child pornography charges, excusing her criticism by referencing Brett Kavanaugh who was nominated into the Supreme Court by Trump and was later accused of historic sexual assault at a high school party.

“They didn’t want to hear about sex crimes when Kavanaugh was being nominated,”Goldberg attempted to reason.

“So I’m just – just, and that’s all – and she has not been accused of a sex crime, okay? I’m just saying that.”

The discussion then inevitably turned towards race, as co-host Sunny Hostin said Jackson had given Republicans, “the black woman look when you are dealing with this mess all the time and you’re, like – right?”

Behar then piped up, All I have to say is Ketanji reminded me of Obama a little bit because he was also perfect.

“He had nothing wrong going on.”

 She went on to suggest that 50 Republicans would vote against Jackson, but the black candidate should be, above reproach, the first black woman in that position. That is going to be on their record, and that’s why they’re asking these dumb questions.”

Behar continued to rant that Republicans were an “embarrassment to the country” for being critical of Jackson, and were only doing so,

“So that they can have something to bring back to their constituency when they go home and say, well, look at, she doesn’t believe babies are racist and whatever they’re talking about. Who even knows what they’re talking about? But they need something because it’s an embarrassment to the country to vote against a woman of this caliber.”

Perhaps, then, Behar might be able to solve the perplexing mystery of what makes women biologically women.