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It’s a Whopper! Burger King Employee With 27 Years Attendance Stiffed by Company, Still Has It “His Way”

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How about some feel-good news? There aren’t very many of them floating around anymore it seems. Sadly, all the mainstream media wants to talk about is abortion, guns, inflation, you know…fun stuff.

I refuse to believe that EVERYTHING is crap. There are still good people, good stories and things to brighten our outlook on America and humanity just a little.

If you dig, you can find them. That brings me to this! Pride month is over, and subsequently so is the pride Whopper at Burger King, but the chain DOES have someone to be proud of. Let’s check in with the New York Post and see!

A Las Vegas Burger King employee who has been with the company for 27 years without ever taking a day off went viral after his managers gave him a mediocre gift for his service — and now close to $300,000 has been raised for him. 

Kevin Ford, 54, has toiled as a cashier and cook at the chain’s McCarran International Airport location since 1995 and when his 27th anniversary came along, his bosses gifted him a backpack stuffed with a movie ticket, a Starbucks cup, candy and chocolate, FOX 11 reported. 

I worked in the fast-food industry folks, it’s not easy. Longest four years of my life in fact. The fact that this guy didn’t ask for a single day off or call in is nothing short of amazing. This is the type of work ethic we need to see more of. For the company to be as cheap as they were? Well, let’s just say he deserved more than coffee and a movie.

Video of him accepting the gift and thanking his coworkers soon went viral but many people who saw the clip were shocked he’d be given such a paltry thank you present following his years of loyalty with the company. 

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His daughters soon set up a GoFundMe page for their dad, seeking to raise about $200, but nearly $300,000 in donations have come in and the number keeps rising. 

Wow 300,000? That, friends, is a Whopper! And a well-deserved one. Wonder if GoFundMe looked into his political affiliation before they decided to give him the money. Wouldn’t put it past them!

“He originally began working at this job as a single father when he gained custody of me and my older sister 27 years ago. Then as our family grew and he remarried, he continued to work there because of the amazing health insurance that was provided.” 

On Tuesday, his wish came true when he was flown out to New York City to appear on NBC’s “Today” show and was reunited with his grandchildren live on television. 

“I haven’t seen my grandkids in over four years, until the other day when ‘The Today Show’ flew me out to New York and I got to see them live on TV,” Ford told the outlet. 

These are good people. This is a good story. It happens, we just have to look past the nastiness in the world.

Kudos to this man for being a real man and stepping up to take care of his family.

Kudos to his daughters for recognizing the steady influence he was in their lives and the sacrifice he made.

And I suppose kudos to Burger King. Even though they “Whopper Jr’d” him, at least they have good healthcare. Who knew?

Wonder if they are hiring?