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Italian Man Gets Unholy Trinity of Disease Diagnoses in the Same Day!

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

Man, sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed! You just know it’s going to be one of those days.

We have all had those days, right? Absolutely nothing goes your way! Car won’t start, can’t get an Uber, late to work, spill coffee on yourself.

Just the worst. You begin to think maybe the Universe has it out for you. Yep, probably does! Couldn’t possibly be anyone having a worse day.

Well, a 36-year-old Italian man says, “hold my gelato”.

You think you got it bad; you haven’t even begun to see bad.

Check this out from Outkick, then proceed to thank your lucky stars and skip and jump and whistle a happy tune the rest of the day:

An unidentified Italian man was diagnosed with HIV, monkeypox, and COVID all on the same day.

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The 36-year-old managed to catch all of those viruses on a trip to Spain where he had unprotected sex with other men, according to the Journal of Infection. Nine days after returning home, the man started to experience symptoms which included a sore throat, fatigue and a headache.

Holy Moses! That is the triple crown of yuck! Just having one of the three is bad enough, I’ll take Covid for 500 Alex, but having all three diagnosed at the same time? That’s like winning the bad luck powerball!

Of course, it could be argued that we all know how HIV and Monkeypox is spread, right? I suppose this unlucky fellow wasn’t wearing a mask either.

I can’t believe this man didn’t listen to Tony Fauci!

The man tested positive for COVID, then later that day started developing a rash on his left arm.

A few days later, he returned to the hospital. Tests revealed he was still positive for COVID as well as the monkeypox virus and HIV to complete the hat trick.

What do you do at that point? Isolate? Call all the dudes in Italy and break the bad news to them, though I suspect they will find out soon enough.

Not being judgmental, but my guess is this guy wasn’t vaccinated and triple boosted! You have to follow the science sir!

Speaking of science, they are going to have a field day with this case. I can’t imagine many hospitals have hit for the infectious disease cycle.

The patient has provided researchers with a little bit of information on how these viruses interact with each other. However, with so few subjects to gather information from — not that they’re hoping for more — researchers won’t gather much.

Researchers did note that COVID, monkeypox, and HIV often present similar symptoms which can make them difficult to differentiate from each other.

I’m not a monster, I sincerely hope this guy recovers. I mean, he will recover from the Pox and the Covid; HIV is going to take a lifetime of effort, but you can live with that now too.

Let’s hope this unidentified man in the future will add a dash and a pinch of precaution to his personal and social life.

Wear your mask, among other things!