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Is Fireball Really Whiskey? Company Under Fire for Misleading Marketing

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Fireball, the delicious cinnamon flavored whiskey in the little plastic bottle is catching heat and facing a class action lawsuit because they have been slyly selling a version that actually DOESN’T contain whiskey.  Despite the bottles looking almost identical, Fireball has a version with half of the alcohol content! What the heck?

Fireball is facing the heat after selling two different types of alcohol in an attempt to allegedly deceive its customers.

A new class-action lawsuit claims that Fireball is trying to cash in by duping its customers with two nearly-identical bottles. The alcohol, however, isn’t the same.

Anna Marquez filed the suit after discovering that ‘Fireball Cinnamon Whisky‘ is not the same as ‘Fireball Cinnamon.’

Honestly, if you are buying little plastic airplane bottles of cinnamon flavored alcohol so you can get a buzz and not have your wife or coworkers or police (don’t drink and drive, kids) smell it on your breath when you get home, you probably aren’t really picky about what is in the bottle. That being said, if you think you are paying for and drinking actual whiskey, even cheap crap like Fireball, then you should actually be getting crappy cheap whiskey. Malt liquor is significantly different from whisky. The real difference is the alcohol content. It might be harder to catch a quick buzz when you are drinking something that has half of the alcohol you expect for a dollar. No one wants to be spending four dollars a day on a habit that should only cost two. Who can afford that in Joe Bidens America?

The suit claims that “Fireball Cinnamon Whisky” – which was the original product that we’ve all come to experience hangovers from throughout the years, contains actual whisky at 33%. However, the sneaky, other brand “Fireball Cinnamon,” which is usually found at countertops and in smaller bottles, is a malt liquor at 16.5%.

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Marquez is suing the Sazerac Company, which makes the Fireball drink, over the misleading packaging. The lawsuit represents “more than 100 plaintiffs” who had bought the drink in “thousands of stores,” across the country.

They are seeking $5 million in compensation.

The difference in packaging is slight, and both tiny bottles look alike. Actually they even taste and smell alike. The only difference is in the wording, and what is actually in the bottle. However, malt products can be sold with beer and wine at most grocery and gas stations, whereas actual Fireball whisky cannot. Based on that, consumers should have been tipped off in some cases based on where they purchased their tiny, syrupy, gum flavored stress relievers. Oh, and while you enjoy your next delicious chug, consider this; Fireball has also come under some heat, pun intended, for containing too much of a chemical found in antifreeze. Yep, antifreeze. Still yummy, but don’t put it in your radiator, just your belly!

One of the fastest-growing liquor brands in America is being recalled in Europe over an ingredient found in some types of antifreeze.

But here in America, it’s still on store shelves, CBS News’ Vinita Nair reports.

“Whiskey is hot, but flavored whiskey is even hotter, and out of all the flavored whiskey, Fireball is by far the hottest,” New York Times editor Clay Risen said.

But some European countries have given the cinnamon-flavored drink an icy reception.

Finland, Sweden and Norway pulled it off store shelves after finding it contained too much propylene glycol.

What else would you expect from those weak-ass Europeans? We had to bail them out during WW2, we gave them delicious cinnamon whiskey, and they don’t appreciate it because of too much antifreeze. Big babies. What have they given us besides Ikea and Swedish meatballs? Anyway, the next time you need a little “something, something” to get you through the day, or to help you talk to the ladies check you little helper closely, and make sure you are getting what you need instead of a less potent phony.

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