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Watch: Investor Advertises That They Buy Crack Houses in Local Community

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

Pretty much anywhere you are here in America, you can drive around and see signs posted throughout your local area. Signs might say everyday things we’re all used to such as free puppies, garage sale, estate sale, cars for sale, housing for sale or rent, and in recent years – people looking to buy houses saying we buy houses.

However, in a local area in Texas, Lubbock residents have been making noise about signs around the area. Some may find it funny, and others find it inappropriate when they consider smart children’s reading eyes.

The signs read things like “We buy trap houses!” “We buy Crack houses!” “We buy nasty houses!” among other hilariously bad advertising verbiage.

Phillis Gant, Community Leader said, “If you wouldn’t put it in a yard on Milwaukee, don’t you dare put it on Parkway Drive.”

The city of Lubbock Code Administration Director Stuart Walker says that the signs are not permitted on open property, but rather the city which gives them zero control over what can or cannot be placed on the signs. However, any sign in the public can be reported and will be addressed by the city for removal.

“The city of Lubbock has a very rigid sign ordinance. Temporary signs are generally prohibited, they cannot be placed in the public right of way, no one person can use it for their own purposes,” said Walker.

Joshua Webber proprietor of Webber Investment Homes says his emphasis is on working with the local area and the signs were simply just a way to showcase his strategy.

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However, not everyone sees it as just another advertisement. One resident, Phillis Gant said: “You’re in a predominantly black and Hispanic community that has been cracked-ridden.
How did it make me feel? Severely angry.”

Webber commented saying “We’re buying crack houses, but more specifically, we’re buying houses that have fell through the crack. We’re really looking for those troublesome properties and opportunities where we can add value and help those out.” Be that as it may, the Community Leader believes there could have been some other more efficient, and creative way to push his advertising.

However, Joshua anticipates this spotlight will help push his growth forward and wants to seize this opportunity – taking this as a learning experience.

“That’s something I do want to apologize for, that our intention is really just to bring awareness that we are out here buying properties,” Said Webber, “But it’s really from a heart of service and the reason why we’re out here doing what we do.”

He urges the local area to connect for a discussion with respect to his strategic policies, “If there’s someone who you know, feels some type of way, feel free to reach out to us and we can definitely go in deeper on what we do and why we advertise the way we do,” 

One thing’s for sure, this story has indeed put him on the map, and whether he planned on this or not, he’s making the most out of his scenario, and that’s what can help push businesses forward for some individuals.