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Hunter Biden’s New Marriage Is Already Falling Apart

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Could the latest 4chan leak of all of Hunter Biden’s dirty deeds be to blame?

According to Hollywood insiders, the stress of the ongoing federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s laptop is putting a strain on his marriage with filmmaker Melissa Cohen. Both Hunter and his new South African bride, are frustrated because they are in lockdown while she has admitted to friends that living with Hunter is “challenging.”

An individual who is close to the couple went on record saying, Hunter and Melissa never go anywhere anymore because they have been instructed to stay out of the public’s eyes while the investigation into Hunter proceeds.

Besides being practically kept in lockdown the Secret Service is also stationed in an estate next door to them, and they keep a close eye on Hunter. Both of them are finding it very difficult to deal with the situation.

Pagesix broke the story and added these juicy details:

Hunter, 52, Melissa, 35, and their baby, Beau, have been mostly confined to their $20,000-a-month, three-bedroom rented home in Little Rock, Malibu, which also houses his art studio.

They have only ventured out for trips to the White House for family events like the July 4 fireworks, while Melissa has taken the occasional outing but is always surrounded by Secret Service agents.

Meanwhile, the Secret Service has splurged with $30,000 a month of taxpayers’ money to rent a much bigger luxury Malibu mansion overlooking their place so they can keep a round-the-clock watch on Hunter.

The agents are nicely holed up in the neighboring luxury Spanish-style sea view villa with six bedrooms, a pool, tasting room, gym, spa and even a tower.

The two only knew each other for a short time before getting married in a hasty ceremony in 2019, only a few days after their first encounter. They welcomed their kid in March of the following year.

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Despite their marriage problems, Hunter Biden and Melissa Cohen are keeping their attention on their son Beau despite the fact that things at home continue to be stressful.

An insider believed to be one of Melissa’s friends explained that the reality of Melissa’s marriage to Hunter is very different from what she had envisioned for their future together, saying that Hunter “swept her off her feet.” She was under the impression that she was going to wed a prince who came from a prestigious American family, and that they would have a wonderful life together.

However, the truth of the matter is that Hunter’s a train wreck and has a very dark past that is finally catching up with him.

As the federal inquiry has reached a “critical stage,” it was reported this week that investigators are examining criminal charges against Hunter Biden. Sources indicated that the probe has reached the “critical stage.”  Another reason why Hunter and Melissa’s marriage is on rocks is that a recent 4chan leak revealed hunter’s absurd amount of drug use and not only that but dozens of pornographic videos of him reportedly having sex with prostitutes who were very young.