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Heartwarming! NFL Superstar JJ Watt Proves Again He’s One of the Good Guys

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

Many in the sports world get a bad rap. However, it’s not without cause. We see stories all the time about professional athletes, across all sports, both active and retired doing sketchy things and landing on the wrong side of Johnny Law.

I suppose the power that comes with large sums of money can be overwhelming. Couple that with the mindset that some of these athletes have that they can do whatever they want because of who they are, and often they end up behind bars, broke, or dead.

I feel like the NFL has a larger share of ne’er do wells than other sports. Perhaps it’s the brutality associated with football, or some of the players run into financial trouble after their playing days, as the average NFL player has a shorter career and window of opportunity to earn, that leads these guys down the wrong road.

Whatever the case, that doesn’t mean all athletes are selfish babies only looking out for themselves. Occasionally there are good stories about selfless athletes giving back for no other reason than it’s the right thing to do.

Anyone who follows football knows that not only is JJ Watt one of the best, but also a renowned good dude. Recently Watt proved once again why he is a shining example of how to act as a pro athlete. Check out this heartwarming story from Outkick, and try not to cry:

Arizona Cardinals star JJ Watt has stepped up to help a woman for her grandfather’s funeral.

A woman by the name of Jennifer Simpson went viral when she tweeted she was selling some Watt gear in order to help pay for her grandfather’s funeral.

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However, the legendary former Wisconsin defensive end wasn’t going to let her do that. He responded to her and told her he’d “help with the funeral” and she shouldn’t sell anything.

Just unreal! I have never personally been in a situation where I couldn’t afford a funeral, thank goodness, but I know people that have, and it doesn’t get much more stressful. Literally the clock is ticking, and the money has to be raised. The funeral home can’t hold someone forever.

Also, as someone that owns a lot of memorabilia myself, I sympathize with how dire the situation must have been for Simpson to be willing to sell her JJ Watt gear. Just heartbreaking.

Well, the good news for her is that the NFL standout has swooped in to help her out. He easily could have just said nothing, and nobody would have noticed.

Instead, he offered to dip into his own wallet to make sure Jennifer didn’t have to sell her Watt gear to fund the funeral.

There’s been a lot of negativity in the world lately, and it’s great to see someone lend a helping hand. That’s what America is all about.

Indeed, it is good during these sometimes-dark days to see people with the means step up and help those less fortunate. JJ stepping up to help a young lady bury her grandfather is the type of story we all need.

I’ve long respected Watt’s game. His tenacity, work ethic and character have been beyond reproach. I’ve never been able to directly root for him, as I am what my friends call a “homer”, but secretly he will always be one of my favorite players.

Watt is a good dude. Just don’t tell anyone I’m a fan.