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Has The FBI Finally Found Jimmy Hoffa? 46 Year Old Case Reopened

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Jimmy Hoffa, born James Riddle Hoffa in 1913, was once the most famous man in the country. He started off as a Teamster  who had some business dealings with several organized crime leaders back in the 1930’s. Eventually he was arrested and imprisoned for a number of crimes including jury tampering, attempted bribery and fraud. This didn’t change his status as something of a hero for helping to unionize the bulk of the working class at that time.

Hoffa’s prison sentence of 13 years began in 1967 and had he stayed in prison, he might still be alive today. However, President Richard Nixon pardoned him under the condition that he “steer clear of union activity until 1980”, which would have been the same year his prison sentence ended.

Unfortunately, Hoffa disregarded President Nixon and started trying to work his way back into the power he’d enjoyed for many years before being locked up. He was meant to go to a meeting at two o’clock on July 30th, 1975. But no one showed up at the Machus Red Fox Restaurant in Bloomfield Township, Michigan.

Those meant to meet him were mafiosos Anthony “Tony Jack” Giacalone and Anthony “Tony Pro” Provenzano. Tony Jack was from Detroit while Tony Pro was from New Jersey. Apparently Hoffa meant to make things better between himself and the New Jersey native, Provenzano, after some strains on their relations.

Frustrated when neither of the the mobsters arrived, Hoffa rang his wife at approximately 2:15 pm. Josephine said he told her that he’d been stood up but that he’d be home in time to get some steaks on the grill for their supper. He told her to look for him by 4 pm. But Josephine never saw her husband again.

For that matter, no one else saw him either.

While already famous, Hoffa’s notariety became legendary when he disappeared without so much as a trace. Like DB Cooper four years earlier, everything that had been done or attempted was little more than a footnote when compared to the drama and fascination provoked by the American’s with his disappearance.

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Ask any thirty-something-year-old who Jimmy Hoffa is, and if they know him at all, they’ll know he’s famous for disappearing. They may or may not know about the mobsters, but they’re unlikely to know about his job or anything else. They’ll know of the rumors that he could be buried anywhere or the one prevailing rumor that seems to hold the most truth and keeps making its rounds.

According to the cited article above, which was written in 2020, rumors of new evidence are constantly swirling. “In another example of the “new evidence” that pops up every few years, in 2015 The New York Post reported on a claim that Hoffa had been buried in a 55-gallon drum at a toxic dump site in northeastern New Jersey. Naturally, the source of the info, mob and Teamsters insider Phillip “Brother” Moscato, had died the year before.”

Well, as it turns out, that rumor about the 55-gallon drum may not be much of a rumor.

On Friday, November 19th, 2021, it was reported that FBI would be reopening their investigation into the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa. Why? Because the son of Paul Cappola, Frank Cappola, “told Fox Nation that his father buried Hoffa in a metal drum, digging a hole with an excavator 12 feet down, and piled more drums on top of the one containing Hoffa’s body before covering up the hole with dirt and debris.”

The location is a small plot of land that is just feet off the property line of a former mob-connected dump where it is claimed that Hoffa was buried just days after he vanished. The dump, the PJP Landfill, commonly known as “Moscato’s Dump,” was owned by then Genovese crime family member Phil “Brother” Moscato and businessman Paul Cappola Sr.

In a brief statement the FBI said, “Last month, the FBI obtained a search warrant to conduct a site survey underneath the Pulaski Skyway. On October 25th and 26th, FBI personnel from the Newark and Detroit field offices completed the survey, and that data is currently being analyzed. Because the affidavit in support of the search warrant was sealed by the court, we are unable to provide any additional information.

Below is the video from Fox back when Frank Cappola spoke to Fox News before he passed away at 63 of lung issues a couple months ago.