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Hallmark Is Full Steam Ahead and Isn’t Phased After Losing Two of Its Well Known Actors

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Hallmark seems to be unphased after losing a few of its actors including well-known Danica McKellar, and Candace Cameron Bure, along with a few others who all left for the GAC Family which is a newly rebranded network with a target audience of rom-coms and those who enjoy the Hallmark Channel.

The new channel is taking place of the former Great American Country channel, which was purchased by some investors wanting change including former Crown Media CEO Bill Abbott. However, Hallmark isn’t missing a beat and is full steam ahead to release some more Christmas movies this year.

Most popular for featuring in Hallmark’s Aurora Teagarden Mysteries establishment and yearly Christmas films, Candace left the organization in April. She seemed to continue in the strides of her co-star Danica who left in October 2021. Individual Hallmark leads like Jessica Lowndes, Trevor Donovan, and Jen Lilley have additionally left for GAC over the last year. Be that as it may, as per Hallmark leaders, the organization isn’t sweating over the star’s departures.

During a Television Critics Association public interview on Wednesday, Hallmark chief Lisa Hamilton Daly gave knowledge about their program evolving along with their roster.

“We’ve kept a lot of our talent under options, save for Christmas movies. We’re looking for new talent all the time,” Lisa said at the event. “I think there’s a lot of talent out there that we’ve worked with in the past that GAC is now working with,” she continued. “I think that we also are constantly trying to evolve the talent pool that we’re working with. We have, I think, retained almost everybody that we’re really excited to have. So that’s where we are.”

Following up with the statement was Hallmark’s President and CEO Wonya Lucas who emphasized that the network’s ability is likewise very unique on account of their long-standing friendships, which tend to remain in contact even after network stars leave.

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“Our talent, they know each other. They have a great relationship and that’s the secret sauce we have as Hallmark. That continues today. We have existing talent that’s been with us a long time, and we have a new talent that we’re bringing in as well. And they all feel part of this Hallmark Channel love and so that that will be consistent, that is consistent in the past, that’s consistent today,” Lucas said in a statement.

Both Candace and Danica are set to star in and be producers for GAC Family and GAC Living content. Aside from acting, the Full House cast part will likewise help regulate and arrange the programming, in addition, to make all year occasional TV shows and movies.

However, don’t get the kleenex box out just yet. Danica has an active contract that goes through 2023 with Hallmark, and that implies she could technically be seen in another Hallmark production. Be that as it may, Candace is by all accounts all in with no closure date in her contribution with GAC and no future appearances arranged in the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries establishment.

What are your thoughts on the new network and the two along with others leaving Hallmark? People seem to have mixed reactions with some saying it’s too early to start talking about Christmas and others saying that Hallmark’s movies aren’t Oscar-worthy material. One interesting side of things is that if the new network starts doing Christmas movies as well, will that create competition between the two networks, and will it cause Hallmark to change the formula they tend to reuse in its movies? Only time will tell.