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(VIDEO) Guess How Many Times Meghan Referenced Herself During 7 Minute Gender Equality Speech

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Meghan Markle stood on the stage at One World Summit in Manchester, England yesterday to talk about her favorite subject; herself.

During the 7-minute speech at the conference, which was supposed to be about gender equality, Meghan referenced herself some 54 times as a slightly bewildered Prince Harry looked on.

The couple has made a determined effort not to give the press anything to accuse them of being hypocritical about after they have been slammed numerous times in the past for preaching about climate change while jet-setting in private planes.

The Sussexes reportedly flew to the UK on a commercial flight and turned quite a few heads as they took a train from London to Manchester, but the controversial couple’s visit to the country they’ve continually attacked also seemed to turn a few stomachs.

A group of protesters amassed outside the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester as the woke couple arrived. One waved a placard accusing the pair of being “fake royals” while others booed and jeered – a far cry from the adoration the couple received from the British public on their wedding day in 2018.

One protester told the press she thought the Duchess was a “liar and a hypocrite”.

“She’s a fake humanitarian and a fake feminist,” continued the protester.

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She’s a social climber… she thought she could be a celebrity in the Royal Family and she’s the most toxic, divisive woman I’ve ever heard of in my life.”

Once inside, the Sussexes were greeted with a warm welcome and applause from the 2,000-strong crowd at the One Young World summit. But as Meghan delivered the keynote speech, the pair’s former, rather contrived humility was short-lived, as the former actress began to gush about herself.

She spoke about her pride in becoming a mother and the “life changing” journey she had taken. She appeared to become emotional as she talked about how her life had “changed significantly”, presumably in a reference to her joining (said lightly) the Royal Family.

Meghan went on to refer to herself as “the girl from Suits” in a nod at her former acting career who was “invited to pull up a seat at the table” with world leaders, and insisted that the young people in the audience could be just like her if they “seize the moment”.

“I was so overwhelmed by this experience, I think, I think I even saved my little paper place-marker with my name on it”, she said, before adding it was “Just proof: proof that I was there, proof that I belonged, because the truth was, I wasn’t sure that I belonged.”

Once again, Meghan has received fierce criticism for her continuous self-obsessed narrative.

Editor of the royal family news outlet, Majesty Magazine said that Duchess’ speech, which was billed as a speech about gender equality and women’s rights was all about “me, me, me and praising herself”.

The Hollywood starlet wore a bright red jumpsuit and gold hoop earrings to the event while Harry opted for a black suit with a navy tie.

Despite mentioning herself some 54 times, the Duchess only made one fleeting mention of women’s rights throughout the 7-minute rant about her fabulousness in her hammy, Oscar-acceptance speech-style address to thousands of young people who were looking to her for some useful advice.