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WATCH: Gru Could Have Had New Minions Under His Control, but They Were Banned at Some Cinemas

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The massively popular movie series ‘Minions’ has been around for quite a while. Over time it seems as though more and more minions were on screen at once, and this might make some people wonder – Just how many minions are there? The answer is 10,400. However, Gru, the minion’s owner could have had even more during the new movie ‘Minions: The Rise of Gru.’

There were lots of minions lined up at the theaters waiting to see the rise of Gru and how he came to be, but they were kicked out, and some were even banned.

There were lots of teenagers taking part in a viral Tweet #gentleminions. This hashtag saw people dressing up in minion costumes and going to the theaters to watch the new movie. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, but soon, as minions are known, they started causing a ruckus and disturbing those who were there to casually watch the movie and not experience it.

A staff at one scene said they needed to guarantee the experience was not ruined for more youthful kids on their very first trip to the movies. A few cinemas even said they had to give enormous quantities of refunds.

There are videos littered throughout the internet, and predominantly on TikTok showing youngsters in minion suits gathering in troves and obnoxiously yelling during the movie. The videos have been making rounds and have now gone viral. Forget about the phones, and someone put these kids on silent.

The teenagers in the videos are shown replicating the trademark steepled fingers of the film’s supervillain Felonious Gru and praising that “the five-year wait is over” referring to the new movie’s drop, and how long it’s been since the last movie was first released.

However, where did all of this stem from? Some think it has to do when the movie studio Universal Pictures supported the trend on Twitter saying: “to everyone showing up to @Minions in suits: we see you and we love you”. From there #gentleminions caught fire, and now some cinemas are blaming this trend for the massive disruptions they are seeing in the theaters along with the refunds some have had to process.

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Guernsey’s just film needed to drop further showings of the film due to the disruption, saying that the “stunningly bad behavior”, which also includes vandalism, throwing objects or snacks at others, and abusing staff is uncalled for. I know there are communities who like to cosplay and or act out their favorite characters, but there is a limit, and if you’re starting to vandalize property, and abuse others – you’ve crossed that line.

Other cinemas have said they have had instances where they had to issue refunds because customers couldn’t enjoy the movie. In the background or all around them were minions who were whooping, clapping, laughing, yelling, and stomping their feet throughout the film.

It’s obvious the film is massively popular, especially among some minions. While some cinema owners are stressed over the matter, some are leaving the doors open to all – allowing some minions to watch the show over and over.

The Vue film chain said it was all the while inviting all clients to see the film, which had been incredibly popular” over the opening weekend. I wonder how many minions will go watch the movie over and over just to disrupt others’ experience, and once others stop going to see the movie, will these minions continue to bolster sales of the new movie? Only time will tell.