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French Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen Wants To Ban Burkas & Crackdown on Islamic Violence

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Right-wing French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has said she wants to completely ban the wearing of religious face-coverings including Muslim’s burkas from French streets.

Le Pen, 53, said the law would prohibit Muslim women from wearing head scarfs in public spaces and would be enforced by police the same way wearing seatbelts is and said those in violation of the law should be fined.

People will be given a fine in the same way that it is illegal to not wear your seat belt. It seems to me that the police are very much able to enforce this measure,” said the presidential, hopeful.

France has suffered an increasing amount of Islamic-based crime and terrorism over recent years under President Macron’s leadership, who has seen a dwindling of support in the polls, with Le Pen securing 48.5 percent of French voters.

This comes after Le Pen announced a crackdown on Islamic-based violence in the country, specifically the rise in attacks on Jewish and Christian people.

Last month, Parisian Jewish man Jérémy Cohen was struck and killed by a tram while attempting to flee from a violent mob of Muslim men. Le Pen condemned the attack and spoke about the “increasing savagery” on French streets, partly caused by the European Union’s open border policies and its restrictive red tape for member states regarding illegal immigration policies.

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Should Le Pen succeed in securing the presidency, her win would undoubtedly shake up the political structures of the Western alliance and considerably weaken globalist institutions which have become so complacent in their power.

Le Pen has already expressed her desire to remove France from NATO.

“We must defend our interests freely and get out of the logic of military alliances … Therefore, we will get out of the unified NATO command, so as not to allow us to be dragged again into useless conflicts,” she said during a public meeting with her constituents in Reims.

The European Union would also face a crisis from within should Le Pen win. Although she has declared in the past that she would not want France to leave the EU as Britain did, she referred to the political union as a “prison” and vowed to attempt to dramatically change its undemocratic and anti-independence stance from within.

Maybe Great Britain can rejoin us once we’ve built something where each nation conserves their freedom,” she told Euro News.

While Le Pen’s intentions to reform the EU from within are admirable, the Council of Europe will, in all likelihood, simply treat her as a Farage-like pest and are very unlikely to amend their laws or policies based on the table-thumping of one rogue member. Regardless, as a Brexiteer, it’s nice to think their equilibrium may soon face another shockwave.

What’s more, upon Donald Trump’s election victory in 2016, the Frenchwoman told CNBC she was “very happy” with the results, hailing the choice of the American people as “courageous” and “advantageous”.

A world away from woke-Macron!

Speaking of Le Pen’s chances, Anne-Elisabeth Moutet, a columnist for the French Telegraph told GB News:

She is within distance of victory, she might not win, but she could.

She had a rough time at the start of this campaign, but she is now basking in the sunshine of a possible victory.”