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Watch: Four Dead Including the Gunman Who Set Up a Death Trap

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Many victims were caught in a death trap of a gunman who devised a plan to kill others as they tried to escape the first danger. In the heat of the moment, a firearm could have been used to save lives and stop the killing.

The suspected shooter, according to reports, put a match to a few homes in Houston early Sunday morning and as if that was not enough already, he waited for people to frantically escape their homes now set ablaze before taking aim and gunning down those who were trying to escape. He was able to kill three of his victims before authorities arrived on the scene who then shot and killed the shooter, specialists said.

It would seem that a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun, likewise, this lends more evidence that not all cops are bad as the media would have you believe. Firemen and authorities answered the call and sprung into action soon after 1 a.m. to 8020 Dunlap Street, which Houston Police Chief Troy Finner depicted as a home that rents out different rooms.

Chief Finner said the suspect, identified as a Black man in his 40s who was equipped with a shotgun, put a match to the homes which caused fires to quickly spread. He then waited with his shotgun and trusted that the tenants would be trying to escape from their homes before shooting at them.

“I’ve seen things that I haven’t seen before in 32 years, and it’s happened time and time again,” Finner said. “We just ask that the community come together.”

If you have ever wanted to purchase a legal firearm to protect yourself and your family, or have been on the fence about it – let this be a wake-up call. Authorities cannot be there the moment you call for them, that puts you in charge of your own and the lives of your loved ones. Had there been an armed individual present, the shooting could have been stopped or at the very least bought other victims time to get away with the result of saving lives being the same in both scenarios.

The Houston Fire Department was the first to show up and started combating the blazes when the suspect started shooting, authorities said. It was muddled whether the suspect was aiming at the firemen, however, authorities said they had to seek shelter.

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A Houston cop showed up at the scene and recognized the suspect in the parking garage, where authorities said the officer shot and killed him. Finner said two victims were killed at the scene and a third later died while in the hospital. The casualties were recognized as two White guys in their 60s and a Black male in his 40s.

Two other victims were injured in the shooting, yet only one was hospitalized. Firemen likewise hauled no less than two casualties out of the fire, as indicated by fire authorities. No officers or firemen were harmed in the attack, and Finner concluded by saying that the investigations are still in the initial stages, however, it seems the suspect was an occupant and was as of late facing eviction which “may have been a trigger point.”