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Former Funnyman Seth Rogen Sheds Salty Tears Over Bad Reviews

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Seth Rogen used to be one of the funniest actors in Hollywood. His ne’er-do-well, happy-go-lucky stoner act helped propel him to stardom in such classics as “Superbad”, “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”, and “Knocked Up”. However, it has been a slow slide to oblivion as he has gotten too old for the stoner act, and his dramatic work has been largely panned. The sad truth is, he just isn’t funny anymore. Couple that with his raging case of the woke mind virus, and it makes Seth Rogen downright unlikable.

Recently on the “Diary of a CEO” podcast, Rogen opened up about how hurtful bad reviews are. Who knew he was that sensitive? Who cared? Check this out.

Seth Rogen has been one of the biggest names in comedy for the last 20 years, but it turns out that he is still — like many actors and actresses — butter-soft when it comes to taking shots from film critics.

Rogen did an interview with the Diary of a CEO podcast, according to Entertainment Weekly, and in it, he talked about just how hurtful negative film reviews can be.

“I think if most critics knew how much it hurt the people that made the things that they are writing about, they would second guess the way they write these things,” he said. “It’s devastating. I know people who never recover from it honestly — years, decades of being hurt by [film reviews]. It’s very personal,”

Isn’t it a movie critic’s job to be critical? It is right there in the name! Perhaps Rogen and others of his ilk should maybe consider doing better? Maybe choosing better scripts as opposed to just going through the motions and cashing a check. Or perhaps just be happy you get to pretend for a living, and get obscenely large checks to cash. It must be tough being Seth Rogen.

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“It is devastating when you are being institutionally told that your personal expression was bad. That’s something that people carry with them, literally, their entire lives and I get why. It f—ing sucks.”

Rogen named two of his movies that were panned by critics that hit him hard. The first was 2011’s The Green Hornet, while the second was 2014’s The Interview.

“For Green Hornet, the reviews were coming out and it was pretty bad,” Rogen said. “People just kind of hated it. It seemed like a thing people were taking joy in disliking a lot. But it opened to like $35 million, which was the biggest opening weekend I’d ever been associated with at that point.

“It did pretty well. That’s what’s nice sometimes. You can grasp for some sense of success at times.”

So, Green Hornet, which was a bad idea to start with as it was based on an old comic book that most people had forgotten about, was personal expression for Rogen? I guess secretly he wanted to be an old-timey superhero. I think that’s what it was about. I never once considered seeing it because it was so comically miscast.

As for The Interview, it was mildly entertaining, but not nearly as controversial as all the buzz made it out to be. It was a one-off as well. Poor Seth Rogen. Here’s hoping his next awful movie will be better reviewed, or perhaps he could get a thicker skin. Either way, I will likely skip it. His shtick got old years ago.