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Florida Crazy Man Threatens Mass Shooting, Now Paying the Price

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Folks, this has to stop. Mass shootings in the United States have to stop. We have a problem. No, not a gun problem, a crazy person problem.

The Democrats want to restrict, or even take away the Second Amendment and the increase in gun violence doesn’t help. Guns aren’t the problem; mental health is the problem.

Let’s be honest, most of us have friends that we KNOW shouldn’t own a gun. We also have friends that post craziness on social media. Couple the two, and it’s up to non-crazy people to take steps to alert authorities when they see something might happen. This recently happened in Cape Coral Florida, and potentially saved numerous lives.

This story hit’s home particularly for me because I love the community of Cape Coral and plan on making it home eventually. I am thankful there is one less threat on the streets. Let’s check with Fox News for the details:

A Florida man was arrested this week for allegedly threatening to “make Texas and Highland Park” look like “child’s play” in a text message, referencing recent mass shootings that have left dozens of people dead. 

Ira Dennis Crosser Jr., 55, was taken into custody at his home in Cape Coral and charged with one count of making a written threat to conduct a mass shooting or act of terrorism. 

Police were originally alerted to the threat on Thursday afternoon after a concerned citizen shared the text message with law enforcement. 

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This right here, kids. This is how we protect the Second Amendment, save lives and keep guns out of the proverbial crosshairs.

This crazy man popped off about the mass Shooting in Highland Park over the Fourth of July weekend and a concerned citizen took action. Truly a hero.

“Keep an eye out on the news I’m fixing to make Texas and highland park look likes (sic) child’s play,” Crosser allegedly sent in a text message. 

“These are the thing that happened (sic) when people get fed up with other people’s s*** and just f***** snap.”

Crosser is currently being held on a $25,000 bond at the Lee County Jail. 

“The investigation revealed that the reporting party was concerned based on Mr. Crosser’s alleged violent tendencies and access to weapons that he could carry out these threats,” the Cape Coral Police Department said Friday. 

Kudos to the citizen that brought this to the authority’s attention. Obviously, someone knew the dude, knew he was a loose cannon with access to guns and took the appropriate action. Lives were saved as a result.

What concerns me here is the twenty-five-thousand-dollar bond. There should be NO bond, and if there is it should be a number significant enough that it can’t be made, and this guy sits in Lee County’s graybar motel until trial.

At that point, if convicted he NEVER needs to see daylight again. I’m serious. A strong message must be sent to people like this. If you are going to even THREATEN a mass shooting, you are going to prison for decades. As a nation we do not prosecute vigorously enough, even in red states like Florida.

I am a huge fan of Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno, so even if Crosser gets released, I have every bit of confidence Sheriff Marceno will do everything in his power to keep the fine residents of Cape Coral safe.

The lesson here? Heads on a swivel, folks. If you see or hear something, say something. Doesn’t matter who it is, lives and perhaps our liberty is at stake.