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Fight Like A Flynn! Community-Based Research and Publishing Leads to Police Investigation of School District for Promoting Adult Populated LGBTQ Social Networking Site to Kids

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

To the average American just struggling to support their family and avoid the WEF devised debt-trap, getting involved in their community seems too daunting, time consuming, and ineffective to be seriously considered.  Most envision “getting involved” to mean protesting, i.e. holding a sign for hours, or speaking out at a public meeting, and it’s just not “their thing”.

While protesting and speaking are indeed ways to get involved, there are other forms community involvement can take and ways to make it “your thing”.  From writing talents to musical talents, to performance talents, to artistic/illustrative talents (where would we be without the meme makers?) and more, can be utilized to get involved.

General Michael Flynn once urged Americans to find their God-given talent and use it for the betterment of our Country.  In other words, find what you’re good at and use it to spread ideas or information to fight against the disinformation machine known as the MSDNC.

Citizens in the Southern Californian Desert Sands Unified School District (DSUSD) took Flynn’s advice to heart and got involved to fight the horrible policies of the district.

Parent and education reform advocate Celeste Fiehler is the heroine of this story, and her God-given talents are so varied that they can only be collectively referred to as “lioness”.

Fiehler found a disturbing website linked from the district’s Social Emotional Wellness webpage, which she posted to Twitter on July 7.  The link appears under the ‘students in crisis’ section and under the Suicide Prevention Hotline; it directs LGBTQ students in crisis to a website called The Trevor Project.  Once on The Trevor Project website, kids are directed to a social networking site called “TrevorSpace”, which allows adults to age 25 to mingle with kids as young as elementary school.  All in the name of diversity and inclusion.

Fellow community member, Kenny Snell, who is also a (non-union) teacher in the DSUSD, regularly joins Celeste in exposing district policies, by researching and writing articles on his “Kenny, from the Tavern” substack.

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Snell picked up on Fiehler’s twitter and posted an article titled “California School District Connected to Sponsors of Drag Shows for HS Students; Recommends Social Networking Site to Students in Crisis–Kids Mingle With Adults up to Age 24.” on July 14.  The article highlighted that the TrevorSpace site mixed children with adults by their (TrevorSpace) own admission.  And even showed screen shots from a chat room where a 25-year-old man was trying to become the boyfriend of a 15-year-old boy.

“TrevorSpace is an affirming, online community for LGBTQ young people between the ages of 13-24 years old. With over 400,000 members across the globe, you can explore your identity, get advice, find support, and make friends in a moderated community intentionally designed for you.”

Fiehler continued to dig into TrevorSpace, which revealed more atrocious facts.  For one, Fiehler found that the district was promoting TrevorSpace in the Elementary School section of the Social Emotional Wellness website.

Fiehler was also able to get screenshots of some of the chatrooms that TrevorSpace had to offer, which she posted to Twitter on July 20. “Blood Coven” is the title of one room, a place to discuss “Health for people with a uterus”.  There is also a “Gay Mens” room where they “talk about boys”.

Don’t forget about the “Furries United”, a room for “furries and catgirls/boys”, or the “Witchcraft Club” for “pagans, wiccans, and witches”.

Lest you have forgotten, this is on a school districts website, for all to see and click, and is promoted to kids in crisis.

By the way, did any reader actually know what a “furry” was before they turned 30?  Do you now?  Do 13-year olds really need to?

Fiehler was infuriated by what she found, but she didn’t stop there, she went to the Sheriffs’ office to share what she found after she was advised, “to report this to the Riverside County Sheriff’s office so that it goes back to the DAs office for investigation into this site and DSUSD.”

Fiehler was able to walk a Deputy Sheriff through the website, after which he issued Fiehler a case number, and is investigating if the issue should be handed up to the District Attorney.

In a Facebook post, Fiehler said she was informed by the district that all sites were vetted and that told her they “were not seeing what you’re seeing”–there was nothing wrong with TrevorSpace.  Fiehler, along with the rest of sane Americans, disagrees.

Fiehler also made clear in her post that it is about protecting children and not “anti-LBGTQ”:

“*This is not an anti LGB post. This post is to inform the community parents and grandparents that our district promotes an organization that allows children to join conversations with adults to talk about sex, dating, and other inappropriate topics. This does not represent the LGB community. The LGB community that I personally interact with, oppose this site and oppose being exploited and grouped together with this. They are NOT the same! “

Fiehler sent a letter to the district to formally demand that The Trevor Project link be removed from all district web pages and that they cease from promoting it.

Fiehler stated to this reporter,

This a huge deal….  This is a breeding ground for trafficking, grooming, and pedophilia.”

Fiehler urged that community members need to cast aside concerns that they will be labeled as a “hater” or as some type of “phobe”, or the dreaded racist.  Those that label people that stand up for children as anything other than heroes, do not deserve the concern.

Fiehler also stressed that community members simply need to do their own research, which is not as tedious as it sounds.  It simply means to not believe the district’s descriptions of things, click through the links they provide and judge for yourself.

Most importantly, if you see something, say something.  The Trevor Project is linked in school districts across the Nation.  Check your local districts website!  Share your information somehow and use your God-given talents to fight like a Flynn.