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A BITTER END: FBI Finally Finds Brian Laundrie

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On Wednesday October 20th, it was reported that the FBI had found skeletal remains about a 40 minute walk from the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park. Along with the remains that had been decaying for weeks were items and clothing consistent with what Brian Laundrie was said to have had on him at the time of his disappearance. In the above report they stated that, “the remains, found early Wednesday with a backpack and a notebook belonging to Laundrie, consisted primarily of bones after weeks of decay and exposure to wildlife.”

Water had apparently prevented the FBI from finding what was left of the man so many had been searching for, though the condition didn’t come as a surprise. Professionals that were local or had worked in similar conditions insisted that due to the nature of the reserve, the hostile weather and the myriad of wildlife, it was always likely that if Brian had died his body would have been “ravaged”.

Some found it suspicious that the remains were so quickly discovered after Laundrie’s parents assisted in the manhunt for their son. Below is a video of Callahan Walsh discussing some of the oddities of the Laundrie family in general and their callous attitude toward helping a family that would have become in-laws were it not for someone strangling their daughter to death.

The next day, Thursday, October 21st, it was confirmed through dental records that the remains discovered by the FBI were in fact Brian Laundrie’s. The family attorney, Steven Bertolino told Fox News, “Chris and Roberta Laundrie have been informed that the remains found yesterday in the reserve are indeed Brian’s. We have no further comment at this time and we ask that you respect the Laundrie’s privacy at this time.”

The requested respect for privacy strikes some people as both consistent and cold as the Laundrie family lawyered up the moment Gabby Petito’s family begged for answers about their missing daughter. The Petito’s went so far as to get their own attorneys involved after the Laundries insisted that they would remain in the background rather than assist the family or the FBI in finding Brian or Gabby.

While a select few are trying to paint the Laundrie’s as some kind of victims, the majority of people are angry that he won’t ever go to trial and that he was too cowardly to turn himself in when he was still alive and fully aware of what happened to Petito. But more so than that, there is anger online with the parents of Laundrie. Twitter is lit up with demands for the parents to come forward now and tell the truth as well as conspiracies and theories on what online investigators believe was going on.

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A few have pointed to a video of the Laundrie attorney Bertolino speaking out about the parents knowing their son was “grieving” and have decided it wasn’t a slip up. They believe the video proves that the entire family knew Gabby was dead and did nothing to assist her family with finding her and helping her. Bertolino actually states “Chris and Roberta knew that their son Brian was grieving. They knew he was so upset.”