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Famous “DR.” Reveals How Close to Death He Was After Brain Aneurysm

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

Ok, so I don’t think Dr Dre is actually a doctor. By that, I don’t think he has a PHD in anything except “keeping it real” maybe.

Of course, Jill Biden had a doctorate in education, but people insist on calling her Dr. Jill, so let’s just say Dre is a Dr.

From Beats by Dre to being accused of beating women, Dr. Dre certainly has had an eventful life.

Dre founded the groundbreaking rap group N.W.A and basically changed the rap game in the late 80’s and early 90’s before becoming a producer and entrepreneur.

Dre discovered Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, and others. In short, he is one of the wealthiest, most influential figures in music history.

However you feel about rap, love it or hate it, Dr Dre is responsible for much of it and many of the characters like Snoop that we have all grown to love.

In January of 2021, Dr Dre needed a real one as he suffered an aneurism and had to be rushed to the hospital. What the world didn’t know was real doctors though he was done.

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We almost “forgot about Dre”. Let’s check out Rolling Stone for the details:

Dr. Dre thought he was going to die after he suffered a brain aneurysm last January. In an interview on the “Workout the Doubt” podcast, the rapper revealed to host Dolvett Quince that his condition was so bad that doctors actually invited his family in to say goodbye.

It was never previously reported that Dre was in that bad of condition. To hear now a year and a half later that they thought he was going to die is stunning.

A bleeding brain is no easy fix, luckily for Dre he had the best physician’s money could buy.

“I’m at Cedars-Sinai hospital and they weren’t allowing anybody to come up, meaning visitors or family or anything like that, because of COVID, but they allowed my family to come in,” he remembered. “I found out later, they called them up so they could say their last goodbyes because they thought I was outta here.”

I would be remiss if I didn’t address the elephant here. Why, in a heavily locked down state, in the middle of a pandemic was Dre’s family allowed in the hospital room when so many lost loved ones without being allowed to say goodbye?

I certainly don’t begrudge Dr Dre’s family the opportunity to say final goodbyes, since that’s what they thought was going to happen, but this is just another example of “rules for thee, not for me”. In the big picture, Dre is just another person, no more important than anyone else that died alone in the hospital because of draconian lockdown rules.

Now that I have that off my chest!

Dre spent a full two weeks in the ICU, where it was touch and go the entire time. “Because of what was going on in my brain, they had to wake me up every hour on the hour for two weeks to do these tests,” he recounted. “Basically looking like sobriety tests, like touch your nose, rub your heel on your calf and all that shit.”

I’m certainly glad Dre survived, even if he was shown preferential treatment because of money. That just underscores how unfair and poorly the pandemic was handled on all levels.

Best wishes to the good Dr. for a long healthy life. America needs a REAL celebrity Dr, unlike Jill Biden.