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Elon’s Pop Star Wife Makes Ridiculous Claim About Musk

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It’s tough economic times out there folks. Brandon’s economy has increased inflation, jacked up fuel and food costs, and caused the housing and car market to go haywire. Purchasing a house or a car at this point is a pricey proposition. Interest rates are rising in an attempt to cool down the overheated economy, even as Brandon writes blank checks to foreign countries. Yep, sure is a tough time. Even for Grimes.

In case you aren’t a 14-year-old girl or huge pop music aficionado, Grimes is a Canadian born pop/rock/electronic artist with close to a million albums sold. Her net worth as of 2022 is approximately 3 million dollars. You may know her better as Elon Musk’s wife. Grimes made some interesting comments recently about the housing market in Texas. Check this out from Page Six:

Singer Grimes raised eyebrows after claiming she simply couldn’t afford to buy a house without ex Elon Musk’s financial help.

The “Genesis” hitmaker, who shares two children with the Tesla and SpaceX CEO, took to Twitter on Monday to ask her followers to join her in petitioning against rising house prices in Texas.

Poor Grimes. It has to be tough trying to raise two kids on Elon Musk’s salary, let alone the 3 million she is reportedly worth. Hopefully a fan will start a GoFundMe for Grimes to keep her kids out of the trailer park.

Check me if I’m wrong here, but isn’t this America? Aren’t you allowed to ask whatever price the market will bear for a house? This is still a capitalist country, no? For now. So why would Grimes feel it appropriate to petition against rising housing prices in Texas? Who exactly are you petitioning?

“My fellow Texans! Petitions can feel useless but I guarantee local politicians are taking these seriously,” she tweeted.

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“Plz sign to reduce housing costs in Austin. There’s effective legislation on the table here but we need public support.”

Well, in this case yes, a petition is useless. Unless Texas lawmakers are willing to try to cap how much profit an owner can make from a sale. To my knowledge that’s illegal, right? Free market princess!

Of course, social media was there to calm Grimes down and reassure her everything will be ok. Just kidding! They trolled her mercilessly!

For her part, Grimes fired back that she couldn’t afford a house in Austin without her hubby Elon, which makes me wonder why Austin isn’t a ghost town with abandoned buildings and sparse downtown. Someone must be able to afford to live there!

 “First of all I couldn’t afford to buy a house that fits my kids in Austin atm without help from their dad which is INSANE cuz I’m a p[retty] successful artist.”

“Secondly, these aren’t my opinions, I’ve just agreed to help out some actual experts/ policy makers,” she added.

By policy makers and experts, I assume she means leftists that want to control how much people are allowed to charge for a house, and what kind of housing is required per zoning laws. This is how you end up with low income and rent controlled housing in areas where otherwise you wouldn’t see it. Democrats want to not allow private citizens to live in private neighborhoods and building rent-controlled property drives down the value of existing homes. It’s a trick they are using to eliminate the suburbs.

Hopefully Elon will give Grimes a bigger allowance and buy her a house in Austin, though I doubt she will be living in a rent-controlled neighborhood anytime soon.