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Drunk Australian Mayor Lectures About…Drunk Driving?

Note: This article may contain commentary or the author's opinion.

Gotta love Australia! They have given us Crocodile Dundee, weird football without any pads, or rules it would seem, Rick Springfield, Men at Work. Their gifts to the world can’t be understated.

However, Australia is also fraught with danger. Seems like almost everything there is trying to kill you. Flying snakes, spiders that dig holes and catch birds, crocodiles, box jellyfish, Mayors named Karen. Wait, what?

We all know a few Karen’s here stateside, whether it be the proper name or the way they act in the Chik-Fil-A, we all know a Karen or two.

Check out this Karen and her exploits via Newsweek:

Residents are furious over an Australian mayor’s drunk driving crash just one hour after she met with the families of drunk driving victims.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams admitted to drinking “several glasses of wine” before crashing her car into a tree on Thursday night, local outlets reported.

Dammit Karen! You couldn’t just go one night without getting hosed? Especially when you are meeting with drunk driving victims’ families. Crikey!

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Australia has one of the world’s highest rates of car accidents caused by drunk driving, following the United States, Canada and South Africa, according to the Global Status Report on Road Safety by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2015. Alcohol consumption is the key factor in 30 percent of road accident deaths in Australia.

I, for one can’t believe America isn’t number one in EVERYTHING worldwide. However, if we were going to finish second, car accidents from booze are a good place to start.

Australia is well known for its love of booze. After all, the aforementioned Men at Work had a giant hit talking about beer flowing and men plundering, or something like that. It was the 80’s, can’t expect me to remember everything.

So, Karen had a few too many Merlots, barreled across four lanes and hit a tree? Understandably the local citizenry is upset, but Karen is digging in and not resigning.

Williams said she made “a serious error of judgment” and was “deeply regretful” after her drunk driving crash. She stepped down from the Brisbane Olympics 2032 board on Sunday. However, she is resisting calls for her resignation.

“I made a mistake, I will learn from that mistake, and I will continue to serve my community as I have for the last 18 years,” she said in a statement to local outlets.

Maybe Karen saw a flying snake, or a kangaroo, or some other terrifying Australian creature like Mel Gibson and crashed trying to avoid it? Things happen, I’ve hit a deer or three. Of course, I wasn’t in the bag like Mayor Karen, so maybe she SHOULD step down. After all, the optics here are very cringeworthy.

Shortly before the accident, Williams had declared, “We need to clean up the drunk driving,” according to Seven News. She called for tougher youth sentencing, campaigning with the families of a couple who was killed along with their unborn child by an intoxicated teenager in January 2021. On Thursday afternoon, she hosted a video meeting with the families of drunk driving victims. 

Ouch, ok Mayor Karen really needs to go. Drunk driving is serious enough on its own. Considering the circumstances here and how bad the optics are, to me that’s the only recourse.

Lessons to be learned here kids! Don’t drink and drive, and don’t be a Karen!