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Door Dash Driver Dines and Dashes

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Anyone try any of these side gig jobs to make extra money? You know, Uber, Lyft, Uber Eats, Door Dash? I have done all of them from time to time, and especially during the lockdowns they were pretty profitable. Now, I don’t do much anymore since Brandon jacked the cost of gas up so high, but never know, when the Republicans get back in office and the country starts to get normal again, I might dabble in rideshare or food delivery once more.

My personal favorite is food delivery. I could listen to whatever music I wanted, didn’t necessarily have to keep my car spotless, and didn’t have to make conversations with drunk people. Pretty sweet gig actually. There’s nothing like the look of joy on a healthy college girls face when she gets her McNuggets. It’s like the precious smile of a child on Christmas morning.

I’ve read and heard horror stories before about unscrupulous, or hungry drivers taking a nibble here and there, though have often found it a little implausible because the vast majority of restaurants seal the bags for delivery. Of course, if you are hungry enough (the smells are tantalizing), and were going to quit anyway, why not just dig in? Check this out from Outkick:

A TikToker by the name of Funny Mane Suede says that a recent Wingstop order was delivered with all of his food having been eaten. His drink wasn’t touched, but all of his fries and his wings were gone.

All that was in the bag was an empty fry tray, chicken wing bones and an apology note from his DoorDash driver.

Those must have been VERY mild wings for the driver to leave the drink. Or maybe it was a regular drink, and the driver didn’t want the calories.

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I have delivered Wingstop before, and that smell is hard to resist. Remember the old cartoons where the scent of a pie or some food would waft out like a long finger and lure a hungry cat into stealing some food? Yea, the driver is the cat.

“I cannot make this up. Here I am ordering some Wingstop and in my bag, I get this.”

“Now I know you noticed the fries gone. My drink is intact but again my fries gone and a damn note in it.”

“I’m sorry I 8 cho food. I’m broke and hungry. Consider it like ur payin it 4ward. I’m quitting this lame ass job N E way. B blessed. Your Door Dash Guy.”

I can decide if this is sad, funny, or both. Yea, things suck all over right now, and you got to respect a guy for trying to hustle a living, but also Door Dash is a volume-based gig if you want to make any money, and considering Brandon’s gas hike, he might be putting all his profits in the tank.

On a side note, and in no way do I recommend this, but as a delivery driver it is extremely easy to snag an occasional “free lunch”. Most places put the order on a rack and the driver picks it up himself. Usually, the employees don’t even look up at you. If one were so inclined, free lunch! Again, not recommended!! No guarantee you will like whatever mystery meal is anyway.

Next time you Door Dash, tip your driver well and make sure to count your nugs, never know when a hangy driver will grab a snack.