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Disney Chief Who Is Mom to Trans-Pan Children Wants At Least Half All Characters To Be LGTBTQIA Or Racial Minorities

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A super-woke Disney boss who is responsible for making decisions about Disney’s creative content promised that at least half of all future characters will be LGBTQIA or from racial minority groups by the end of the year.

During a company Zoom call, Karey Burke encouraged the company to push left-wing agendas in its creative content by ensuring Disney has a disproportionate number of minority groups represented within its character base.

It comes after a long line of eye-wateringly woke changes to long-standing traditions by Disney executives, including its theme parks removing the “ladies and gentleman, boys and girls” address delivered to audiences, instead opting for gender-neutral phrases like “dreamers” or “friends”.

In 2020, the franchise hotly debated removing various content and characters deemed too racially insensitive for modern audiences from its classic movies including the singing crows in Dumbo (1941) because they portrayed black stereotypes, Siamese cats from classics Lady and the Tramp (1955) and The Atristocats (1970) and scenes in Peter Pan (1953) in which Peter and the Lost Boys wear native American headdresses and dance around a fire.

Eventually deciding the public could view the content which generations grew up watching, Disney+ opted to air a lengthy warning before each of the movies, which reads:

“This program includes negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people or cultures.”

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Disney’s Splash Mountain ride which opened in Magic Kingdom in 1989 and has a theme which centers around the movie ‘Song of the South’ (1946) featuring Disney’s staple ‘Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah’ number, is also set to be cancelled and completely refurbished.

But woke Disney executives seem determined to infiltrate the magical world of Disney – which has always transported its guests and audiences into a land which transcends politics and the petty squabbles of adults with a hard-hitting political agenda to smack Mickey Mouses’ world of imagination square on the nose.

An emotional Burke held back tears in Monday’s Zoom meeting:

“I’m here as the mother of two queer children, actually, one transgender child and one pansexual child, and also as a leader,” she explained.

Astoundingly, she went on to brag that other bosses had embraced her blatant political agenda and desire to push sexuality and what she terms as “queerness” into Disney content:

Our leadership over there has been so welcoming to my not-so-secret gay agenda.

“Wherever I could I was adding queerness. No one would stop me and no one was trying to stop me.”

Burke said that in discussions with other Disney chiefs, she realized that few characters – which are usually aimed at young children – were gay:

“One of our execs stood up and said, ‘You know we only have a handful of queer leads in our content,

“I went, ‘What? That can’t be true. And then I realized it is true.”

Last Friday, Disney CEO Bob Chapek promised that Disney would push to cancel Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’, law which is designed to prevent young children from being subjected to age-inappropriate content.

In its new shamelessly political campaign entitled ‘Reimagine Tomorrow’ , Disney vowed:

“By 2022, 50% of regular and recurring characters across Disney General Entertainment scripted content will come from underrepresented groups”.

It appears that nothing is safe from the obsessive, unrelenting woke political agenda – not even the once far removed, magical land of Walt Disney.