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Disgusting!! This Gender Clinic Actively Putting Kids on Puberty Blockers

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Tavistock Centre, a controversial transgender clinic, is due to be closed down after an informant revealed some of their improper practices. The clinic had referred kids as young as 14 for puberty blockers at the start of the transitioning program after just one consultation.

Dr. David Bell, who was the one to blow the whistle on the clinic, had claimed to have known children who were sent for puberty blockers after just one consultation. He had said that this practice left dozens of children terribly let down. According to him, a female victim of Tavistock’s practices had told him about how she did not have the body of a man but instead had that of a “mutilated woman and that is what I have to live with.”

In his statement to the press, he said: “hey (patients) took the drugs and they went to opposite sex hormones and they had parts of their body removed, their breasts, their vaginas.”

In addition, he explained how the kids who were put on these life-changing drugs had to endure “ludicrous” four to six-hour-long appointments. Not regarding the numerous and constant complaints from the public who were aware of their practices, Tavistock continued with its programs and patterns on the kids.

A review of Tavistock began in March, and the doctor leading this review, Dr. Hilary Cass, has expressed her fear in many words. She explained that these puberty blockers administered to the children could affect parts of the brain responsible for decision-making and judgment. She also warned that these drugs could trigger the “rewiring of neural circuits” in the kids wishing to transition.

After becoming aware of this information, concerned parents and campaigners have since taken it upon themselves to push to end the use of puberty blockers once and for all.

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Furthermore, former staff and patients of this clinic have also raised concerns about the dangers of Tavistock’s practices and procedures. A former patient, Keira Bell, had taken Tavistock to Court in 2020 as she argued that she was too young to consent to such treatment to become a male as she was only 16 years old. Bell ended up winning this case, but the judgment was overturned in an appeal as the judges said it was for “doctors and not judges to decide on the capacity of a person under 1 to consent to medical treatment.”

Several other complaints and concerns have been raised by different individuals, including the possible over diagnosing of gender dysphoria and the increasing number of girls getting referred who have questioned their gender identity.

Thankfully, since the clinic is due to be closed, many of the concerned public have been relieved, and the people between the ages of 14 and 25 who believe they are transgender will be moved into regional centers for holistic treatments. However, is closure really enough? The monsters at the clinic need to be punished by the law. Minors should never have to go through any of those, especially without the supervision of a guardian.