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DENIED: Mariah Carey Will Not Be Officially the Queen of Christmas

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The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office informed Mariah Carey that she would not be able to become the official Queen of Christmas.

The 52-year-old pop singer has been referred to as such informally for years, in part because of her wildly popular hit “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” According to TMZ, Carey was considering trademarking the name in order to utilize it on a variety of products, such as perfumes, lotions, nail polish, jewelry, cups, mugs, chocolate milk, coconut water, decorations, toys, dog clothes, masks, lingerie, and hoodies.

Darlene Love and Elizabeth Chan, two other recording artists, objected to Carey’s attempt to “monopolize” the term “Christmas” when Carey submitted her patent request in 2021. Chan put forward a challenge, which was ultimately successful.

Chan said in a statement to TMZ. “Christmas is a season of giving, not the season of taking, and it is wrong for an individual to attempt to own and monopolize a nickname like Queen of Christmas for the purposes of abject materialism.”

Carey continues to make money off the popular single every season even though she missed her chance to turn her unofficial title into a gold mine of merchandise. After promoting the song the day after Halloween, she got into a debate with Martha Stewart this year, as The Daily Wire previously reported.

Mariah, you know me, I’m a traditionalist with a twist. And you cannot give up Thanksgiving just because you don’t like turkey,”. Stewart stated on The Today Show.

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Even though she was getting into the Christmas spirit early, Carey retorted that she was still going to enjoy Thanksgiving. “Dearest Martha!! NEVER will I give up Thanksgiving!!” the singer replied. “But we can still start getting into the festive spirit now!”

She added, “P.S I’d love to have you at my Thanksgiving dinner although I’ve yet to be invited to your Thanksgiving extravaganza! And THAT is MAJOR! Esp if Snoop’s coming!”

Since its debut in 1994, “All I Want For Christmas Is You” has become a seasonal favorite. The best-selling Christmas song by a female artist, it has reportedly sold an estimated 16 million copies globally.