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COVID Requirements Are Finally Ending in New Jersey for Some Groups of Essential Workers

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Looks like the Democratic New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has come to his senses and eliminated the now-normal covid testing requirements for essential employees including child care workers, school employees, health workers, and state employees.

While it may be a tad too late for any action since like in other areas throughout America we’ve seen many people who had lots of experience in those fields be fired or quit over such mandates, he signed the executive order Monday which would lift the state’s mandate that all school locale and state employees guarantee their representatives are either vaccinated against covid or get standard testing over and over. The request comes days after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its new guidelines on reducing the spread of the infection.

Hopefully, there wasn’t too much damage that cannot be undone to the employees in these fields, or maybe the employees who were fired or quit can return since in some places to fill those vacant spaces, businesses were hiring anyone with very minimal requirements to grab the job and even if they had no experience.

Murphy’s organization produces results right away for schools and childcare employees, however, the impact is postponed to Sept. 1 for state-based workers. Well there we go, all the good employees probably quit or got fired causing him to act to hurry up and hire new employees who likewise won’t quit or get fired.

He said in a statement that due to the Centers for Disease Control’s efforts and hard work they can make adjustments to the way they live, but also says he wants everyone to continue to get the vaccine and boosters. Funny how things line up, don’t you think?

“Today’s executive order follows guidance from public health officials at the CDC regarding responsible steps states can take as we continue to adjust to the endemic reality of covid-19. With children as young as 6 months old now eligible for vaccines and millions of New Jerseyans vaccinated and boosted, more of our residents are safe from severe illness due to covid-19,” he continued. “As always, I encourage everyone to stay up-to-date on their vaccination and take other precautions as necessary to protect themselves and their loved ones from this virus,” Murphy said.

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While Murphy’s new law eliminates the state-level prerequisite for an immunization or test program, it doesn’t prevent school regions or contractors from upholding their minuscule mandates for employment.

While this is great news for those who are unemployed and those who were affected by the mandates, there is still a battle to be won. The new law unfortunately doesn’t completely apply to State-covered health care employees since they will still be required to be immunized and have no less than at least one booster shot.

The new guidelines put forth by the almighty CDC no longer suggest six feet of social distancing or isolating for the people who test positive for covid and don’t encounter any side effects. It likewise eliminated suggestions to require testing for students and staff at schools.