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Cops Arrest Man Over Murderous Spree Targeting NYC’s Homeless

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Police have arrested a man on suspicion of multiple counts of homicide after horrifying CCTV footage showed a gunman shooting a homeless man sleeping on the sidewalk in Manhattan.

The perpetrator embarked on a nine-day murderous spree around the streets of New York City and Washington DC specifically targeting homeless people as they slept or sat on sidewalks. Two were shot dead in the senseless attacks and three others were injured.

The mayors of NYC and DC issued clear photographs of the suspect’s face on Monday during a joint press conference. The close-up snap was taken by a camera in an ATM machine.

On Tuesday morning, Washington DC’s police department issued the statement they had arrested a man on suspicion of the murders. The suspect, now identified as Gerald Brevard III, 30, was arrested on the 2700 block of Pennsylvania Avenue at around 3am.

Homeless men were targeted in DC on March 3 and March 8. The third attack was fatal – the victim’s body was set on fire after having been shot and stabbed to death.

The attacker then moved on to the NYC area.

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Chilling CCTV footage taken in the Soho on March 12 showed the suspect prowling the streets dressed in a black hoodie, marking his targets as they slept in store doorways.

One homeless man can be seen sleeping in the street, covered in a yellow sleeping bag. The suspect callously approaches, nudges the victim with his foot before shooting the man at point-blank range.

Another man was targeted but escaped.

Homelessness should not be a homicide. This was a cold-blooded attack when you look at the premeditated action of this shooting. It sends a clear, loud message that we need help from the public, from the NYPD, MPCD and ATF, said Mayor Eric Adams.

“In the shooting in New York he looked around, made sure no-one was there and intentionally took the life of an innocent person. He must be brought to justice. We will bring him to justice. If he’s watching we’re telling him to turn himself in. This is Unacceptable,” he concluded.

Forensic evidence from the crime scenes proven that the same gun had been used to shoot all of the victims – proving this was the act of a depraved serial killer.

In reference to the arrest earlier this morning, DC’s police department Tweeted it was unable to give any further details, but thanked the local community for its help:

“He is currently being interviewed at our Homicide Branch. Additional information will be forthcoming. Thanks to the community for all your tips.

Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee said:

“From the first incident, the Metropolitan Police has spared no resource in our efforts to identify the suspect behind these cowardly acts. We are committed to sharing every investigative path, clue and piece of evidence with our law enforcement partners to bring this investigation to a swift conclusion and the individual behind these vicious crimes to justice.”

Under left-wing leadership, NY is suffering a continual rise in crime figures. This incident comes a few short weeks after a disgruntled former member of the Modern Art Museum viciously stabbed two members of staff.

According to NYPD statistics, last month, the city saw a 60% spike in crime since the same time last year – car theft rose by nearly 105%, robberies by 56% and rapes by 35%.