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College Students Charged in The Death of Their Friend

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Some college students have been charged with evidence tampering, and alcohol-related charges after one of their friends fell off of a boat and died in 2019, and they covered it up. According to the Orange County Register, the person who lost his life in this accident was 19-year-old, Jack Elliot. He and his friends were boating on Lake Travis on the 14th of August, 2019, when he met his death. 

According to previous reports, the group from Texas Christian University were all having fun on a boat that afternoon when they suddenly heard a rumble and noticed that Jack was no longer on the boat. His friends said they searched for him immediately after they noticed that he had disappeared to no avail. 

However, Caden Strauss, also on the boat, testified that the group did not spend more than five minutes searching for Jack before taking the group back to shore.

Reports show that the group had purchased alcohol and had taken it to the boat that day but had dumped it on their way back to shore for a reason best known to them. Elle Weber, who had called the police, identified herself as “Elle Macpherson,” the Australian model and actress, but later swore that she did not know the supermodel’s name.

After two months, the Texas Parks and Wildlife game warden Ben Echelson released a report with an overview of the incident. The report mentioned that one of his friends Delaney Brennan who Jack was flirting with was the person who pushed him off the boat. 

“Delaney Brennan pushed Jack Elliott from the front of a wakeboard boat operated by Elle Weber under the supervision of Carson Neel. Jack Elliott was struck by the propeller multiple times and was killed. The alcohol on board was thrown overboard,” 

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It also added that “False statements were given to the officers responding to the accident concerning the events preceding the push and the manner in which Jack Elliott fell into the water.” 

Elliott’s family filed a lawsuit to get answers from the others in the boat when Jack fell off as they wanted to find out what truly happened and get justice.

They have all changed their previous testimonies as Elle Weber, driving the boat when Elliott fell off, confessed that “Delaney and Jack were at the front of the boat, flirting and kissing. She gave Jack a ‘playful little shove’, and he fell off the boat,”

Another witness testified that Delaney kept saying, “He fell. I didn’t mean to push him”, and other witnesses agreed with this testimony.

Following this revelation, Brennan was charged with a felony tampering with evidence by aiding in deleting video evidence. Carson Neel was charged with a felony for tampering with physical evidence because he allegedly dumped alcohol off the boat. Joshua Evans, also on the boat, was charged with a misdemeanor because he allegedly sold alcohol to a minor.  


Finally, Anthony Salazar was charged with misdemeanor perjury, and Weber was indicted on a misdemeanor charge for his false testimony to the police officers.