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Charles Manson Wrote a Creepy Letter to Sharon Tate’s Sister from Prison Including a Map Which Could Show Graves

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The notorious serial killer, Charles Manson reportedly wrote Sharon Tate’s sister a chilling letter from his jail cell before he died, one of which included a mysterious, cryptic map with an ‘X’ marking a spot.

Debra Tate, 69, has attended every parole hearing of the criminals who butchered her pregnant sister, actress Sharon Tate, in 1969.

She is a staunch advocate for victims’ rights and has said that the murderers, who also killed Sharon’s unborn baby and mercilessly butchered five of Sharon’s friends in her sprawling Beverly Hills home, should never be released.

The night after the Tate murders, which many say put a violent end to the hippie free-love era of the 60s, the group broke into the home of supermarket executive, Leno LaBianaca and his wife, Rosemary.

Later, in interviews, the Manson women said that Manson had turned up at the house with them and had helped to tie the victims up, but had then left the scene.

The death-crazed Family, under direct orders from Manson, then butchered the couple and wrote sick messages on the walls of the home in their blood.

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Leslie Van Houten, Charles ‘Tex’ Watson, and Patricia Krenwinkel remain behind bars since their capture in the 60s.

The other Manson family member, Susan Atkins, who was allegedly responsible for stabbing Sharon multiple times as the young actress begged her to let her have her baby, died in prison of a brain tumor in 2009.

Charles Manson died of colon cancer in 2017 aged 83, but not before Sharon’s sister reached out to the infamous death-cult leader to try to dig out information about other unsolved murders that the cult may have been involved in.

Although the other Family members all expressed remorse for their heinous crimes and admitted to what they had done, Manson always denied playing any part in the crimes.

While he had not stabbed any of the victims himself, Manson was charged with conspiracy to murder after the court was satisfied that he had encouraged the Family to commit the murders.

He, along with the other murderers, was sentenced to death by gas chamber in California – although capital punishment was revoked by the State soon after in 1972, before any of the cult members were executed.

Debra was amazed when she received a reply from Manson, who was incarcerated in Central California’s Corcoran State Prison.

“Charles Manson’s letter rattled on just like he did. He was writing about how he was an outlaw, and that he lives by outlaw rules, meaning he would never rat on any of his brothers and sisters, even though some of them had done it to him,” Debra told The Sun.

“But he drew me a little picture that was an exact replica of the Panamint Mountains, the mountain range surrounding Barker Ranch where Manson was hiding out after the murders and eventually captured.

There was also what at first glance looked like a sun coming up over the hills, but when you looked closer, it was actually a little image of Charlie, because he had a little ‘X’ on his forehead,” she continued.

In the foreground of the picture were numerous small ‘X’ marks, which Debra believes could mark the resting places of other Manson victims.

“I think that was his way of telling me something and answering my questions while remaining true to his own doctrine of living the outlaw life.”

She said of Manson’s death: “People are saying that this should be some kind of relief, but oddly enough, it really isn’t.

“While Charlie may be gone, it’s the ones that are still alive that perpetrated everything, and it was up to their imaginations for what brutal things were going to be done. In an odd way, I see them as much more dangerous individuals.”